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Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana.

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            «The world is afraid of time, and time is afraid of pyramids"

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Palace of Peace and Reconciliation or Pyramid is one of the main attractions in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. This amazing building is one of the unique buildings in the world that built in recent years.
The idea of creating “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” belongs to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. It was presented on the first "Congress of World and Traditional Religions" that held on 23 - 24 September 2003 in Astana.
"Palace of Peace and Reconciliation" has already received delegates and participants on the Second Congress in 2006. During few years, famous British architect Norman Foster designed and created the building especially for the “Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions”. The uniqueness of the building is not only purpose for which it was built, also the pyramid.
The basement is a square with sides of 61.8 meters, height - 61.8 meters that corresponds to principles of "Golden Section Fibonacci". Pyramids’ area is 28 thousand sq. m, the total height is 62 meters.
"Palace of Peace and Reconciliation" is equipped with modern equipment of conference rooms and exhibition areas, art galleries, presentation facilities and others. Top of the pyramid was decorated with art works of artist Brian Clarke - stained glass window with images of 130 pigeons that symbolize nationality, who live in the land of Kazakhstan.
Palace of Peace and Reconciliation has concert and opera hall with 1500 seats that equipped with the latest equipment. There are 25 dressing rooms. The interior of the hall is maroon and gold colors, and natural light falls into the room through the sun -window, located above.
The scene has an orchestra pit for 80 people and a depth of 2.8 meters. The world opera star Montserrat Caballe performed in the opera hall at opening ceremony. The next room is "Cheops Atrium". It is larger and the area is over 2 million square meters. "Master Plan of Astana until 2030” composition is in this hall, which amazes with sizes.
The "Cradle" hall is located at the top of the “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation”, where was held the world conference of leaders of world religions. "Winter Garden" is around the hall. It has different type of plants from around the world. In addition, conference rooms, exhibition areas are under the arches of the pyramid. 
"Kulanshy" Center of Contemporary Arts and "Shezhіre" gallery introduces the modern artwork to visitors and residents. Exhibitions and recitals of artists of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries are exhibited there.
Thousands of tourists visit the Pyramid every year. Panoramic elevator allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of green terraces and play of light flowing from the dome of the pyramid. It is more interesting to make the ascent to the top: to pass on the wavy stairs through the magnificent winter garden plants.
The majestic and amazing view of the pyramid is shown outside. It can be seen perfectly from both banks of the Ishim. It is lit from within vertex at night. There is not architectural cult constructions such as "Palace of Peace and Reconciliation" in the world. Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is a symbol of friendship, unity and peace in the land of Kazakhstan.

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.