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Pass Zhosalykozen.

Most interesting places of  Big Almaty gorge.

“The rags of the clouds have drifted away,
In the nest chicks are chattering.
And the rainbow was pierced
Granite teeth."

Ada Yakusheva. "My friend draws mountains."

Trip to Zhosalykozen pass from Almaty.

The Zhosalykozen pass, located at an altitude of 3336.8 meters above sea level, is located in the main, middle branch of the Big Almaty spur on the northern slope of the Zailiyskiy Alatau in Bostandyk district of the city of Almaty.
The Zhasalykozen pass belongs to the main watershed ridge between the Prokhodnaya and Bolshaya Almatinka rivers. The pass is located in the ridge of a spur between the peaks Tourist 3954.2 meters above sea level and the Big Almaty peak 3864 meters above sea level.
In the northern part of the pass, there is a high-altitude station for the study of cosmic rays of the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, created in 1957. There is a meteorological station in the southern part of the pass.
An asphalt road of good quality has been laid to the pass from the city of Almaty. The distance from the pass to the GAISh observatory is 5.7 kilometers, to Lake Bolshoy Almaty, 8.2 kilometers. From the pass, picturesque panoramas open up to Mount Pyla, located in the southwest at an altitude of 3790 meters above sea level, to the Bolshoi Almaty peak, located in the north, 3681.9 meters above sea level, to the Maloalmatinsky spur located in the northeast.
Geographic coordinates of the Zhasalykozen pass: N43 ° 02'25.16 "E76 ° 56'29.53"

Authority and photos by:
Alexander Petrov.