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Petroglyphs valley of Moynak.

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Petroglyphs of the natural boundary Moynak are in Kurchum district of East Kazakhstan area. If to go from the village of Saryolen on the country road in the northeast direction, approximately through five kilometers before eyes five low hills built to one line with flat stones will appear.
There are petroglyphs - rock paintings of ancient people. Each drawing is a riddle. For example characteristic detail: all flat stones with drawings for some reason are on east part of hills. How it can be explained?
Plots which were chosen for themselves by ancient artists are various. Here the group of hunters pursuing an animal is represented. Here herd of arkhar in rapid run. And here - the chariot harnessed by the three of horses.
It is clear, that through these pictures ancient authors expressed the understanding and perception of the world around. For most of contemporaries stone "pictures" are perceived by a certain coded information. If we manage to reveal her, we will be able to comprehend as our ancestors perceived the world, we learn the device of life of ancient people hidden in centuries.
As scientists note, the gallery of petroglyphs of Moynak in Kurchum district is the richest by quantity and a variety of plots with an exposition of rock paintings of East Kazakhstan. There are about 400 stones with drawings, however, owing to natural factors they are distributed within conditionally allocated groups unequally: the greatest number - in the second and in the third. Most often petroglyphs cut on the vertical and inclined planes, is more rare - on horizontal.
The planes with drawings the most part are turned on the South, it is less - on the East and the southwest, is rare - on the North. In total here about three thousand drawings are revealed. All are dated the first or second in the millennia B.C.
The set of images of people, animals, scenes of hunting and fights wait for us under the open sky. Ancient artists from stone cloths will tell about the culture, customs, a way of life. The natural boundary Moynak is the largest location of rock drawings in East Kazakhstan.
It is one of monuments allowing to resolve some issues of chronology, semantic interpretation in cultural accessory.

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