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Poet Yolyg-tegin.

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“Only Tengri is eternal, the rest are born to die”
“When the blue Tengri above and the brown Earth appeared above, the son of man was made between them. My ancestors Bumyn kagan, Istemi kagan ruled the human race. They ruled the people with Turkic laws, they promoted them”

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Yolyg-tegin is the father of ancient Turkic written literature. Author of texts on the famous monuments of Kultegin and Bilge Kagan. The following passages from his own text, carved in stone, serve as proof of this.
"I wrote these notes, the nephew of Khan Yolyg-tegin." At the same time, the poet was a relative of the Kagan Elteris, who became famous for his campaigns on the land of the tobacco people (China) during the years of restoration of the former power of the second Turkic Khaganate.
The dates of birth and death of Yolyg tegin are unknown. Nevertheless, it is known that the poet lived in the middle of the VIII century. There is no doubt that he was one of the most educated people of his time. According to the works of Yolyg-tegin, until the middle of the VI century Turkic tribes were ruled by the Jujans.
In 552, the Turkic Bumyn, uniting the disparate nomadic Turkic tribes under his rule, defeated the Jujans, organized a state called the first “Turkic Kaganate”. The inscriptions of Yolyg-tegin contain huge factual material on the history of Turkic tribes.
Here is a summary of the works of Yolyg-tegin: “Only Tengri is eternal, the rest are born to die,” he wrote. The poet died in the middle of the VIII century. Over a thousand years have passed since then. His creative heritage, carved in stone, has now become the property of all Turkic-speaking peoples.
Therefore, Yolyg-tegin - the author of the Orkhon-Yenisei inscriptions - is legally considered the founder of the ancient Turkic written literature. 

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