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Rivers Aiyrtau and Kokshetau.

Nature tours of North Kazakhstan region.

“Life in travel goes on as it should: a certain daily routine is being worked out, everyone knows their duties, these responsibilities take up all day - from sunrise to darkness”

Murzaev E.M.

Photo tours in North Kazakhstan region.

The tributaries of Yesil Imanburlyk with the tributary of Saryozek and Akkanburlyk with the tributary of Babykburlyk flow through the territory of the Aiyrtau region in the North Kazakhstan region. The Karasu River flows into Lake Zhaksyzhalgiztau.
South-west of the village of Golitsino, the Kamysakty River originates, which carries its waters north to Lake Zhaltyrkol and, flowing out of it, flows into Lake Ulken Torangyl. Not far from the village Tsurikovka the river Shagalaly originates, which flows into the lake Shagalalyteniz.
River Akkanburlyk. The Akkanburlyk river originates from the Zhaksyzhangyztau lake from the west bank, is a regulator of the water level in the lake. Akkanburlyk flows into Yesil on the right, 1280 km from its mouth. The river is 176 km long, in the territory of the Ayyrtau region - 70 km.
River Babykburlyk. The Babykburlyk river originates 8 km east of the village of Verkhny Burluk, flows into the Akkanburlyk river from the right bank near the village of Rukhlovka (district named after G. Musrepov). The river is 84 km long. In the upper reaches of the river, the banks are covered with birch pegs, and in the middle and lower reaches the banks are occupied by arable land. Tributaries of the Babykburlyk River: Kartasay, Barsuchka, Kurkaragai.
River Imanburlyk. Imanburlyk - the right tributary of Yesil, originates from Lake Imantau, and is a natural regulator of the water level in the lake. The total length of the river is 177 km; along the territory of the Ayyrtau district, Imanburlyk carries its waters for 129 km. The river has several tributaries, the largest - Saryozek.
River Kamysaktas. Kamysakty is a river flowing in the north of the Ayyrtau region. It originates 5 km south-west of the village of Golitsyno, flows into Lake Zhaltyrkol, and, flowing out of it, flows into Lake Ulken Torangyl (Esilsky District). The length of the river is 106 km. In the middle of the XIXth century, the Kamysykty valley was rich in forests, later cut down by peasant immigrants - this reduced the river's catchment area. The situation worsened even more with the plowing of virgin lands right up to the banks of the river. Kamysykty is doomed to extinction.
The hydrogeographic appearance of the region is represented by a relatively rare river network, many lakes and a small number of marshes.


Alexander Petrov.