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Rivers of reserve Aksu-Zhabagly.

 Recreational tourism in reserve Aksu-Zhabagly.

“Nature encourages no looseness, pardons no errors”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Exploring South Kazakhstan region.

On V.L.Schultz (1963) classifications, the majority of the rivers of reserve (Koksai, Aksai, Zhabylgasu, Aksu, Baldybrek and Bala-Baldybrek) concern to the rivers of a snow and glacial origin which receive partially waters from a high-mountainous zone, but glacial waters of the rivers are insignificant or can be absent.
To the south from the top part of the river Kshi-Aksu powerful glacial ridge Bugulutur, which southern slopes also abrupt and rocky is located.
Crests of ridges crown is dazzling sparkling on the sun snow patch and glaciers.
In July and August a drain of water from the most high-mountainous area of the rivers charges of water are supported at a high level. The high water on the rivers of this type begins in March or the beginning of April and comes to an end in September and is rare in the beginning of October.
Duration of a high water varies from 140 - 150 till 200 days and more. During a high water passes 75 - 85 % of an annual drain. The greatest annual charge is observed in June, less often - in May.
For the period of a high water on the rivers of reserve passes from 70 up to 85 % of an annual drain, during same time small charges of water are marked. Formation of a drain for the period of a high water essentially depends on high-altitude position.
At the average heights of reservoirs about 2000 m, a high water on them begins 10 - 20.03, and the average heights of reservoirs about 3000 m - 10 - 20.04. For the majority of the rivers the maximal charges are formed by imposing of rain peaks on the basis of a hydrographer, formed by a drain of thawed snow.
Sometimes these peaks are absent or have small sizes, especially on low located reservoirs. Rain peaks are solving in formation of annual maxima.

Kishi-Kaindy river.Aksu river.Aksu-Zhabagly river.Aksu river.Aksu river.

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Alexander Petrov.