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Ryskal Mausoleum.

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“I believe in a life that incessantly cuts off dead organs and, reviving matter, heals wounds, I believe in a life that, in spite of everything, in the midst of decay and death, strives for universal health and for continuous renewal”

Zola Emil.

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The Ryskal mausoleum is located in the central part of an ancient necropolis on the left bank of the Syrdarya in the Aral district of the Kyzylorda region, 1.6 kilometers north and east of the village of Kyzylzhar and 3.8 kilometers south-east of the village of Yeskiura.
The mausoleum was built in 1902 and belongs to the local monuments of the Aral region.
Geographic coordinates of the Ryskal mausoleum: N46 ° 01'07.50 "E61 ° 44'30.13"

Alexander Petrov.