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Sasykkol lake.

By cars from Turkmenistan to Kazakhstan.

“Nature encourages no looseness, pardons no errors”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Tour to Sasykkol lake in East Kazakhstan.

Sasykkol the lake located in east part of the Balkhash and Alakol lowland which is on border of the Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions in southeast Kazakhstan, at the height of 350 meters above sea level. Is to the northwest from the Lake Alakol from which it is separated by less large lake Uyaly.
The lake has a tectonic origin, flowing. The area the surface of Sasykkol reaches the 736th kilometer square (together with islands of 747 kilometers square), length of 49,6 kilometers, width to 20 kilometers, the average depth of 3,3 meters, volume of water of 2,43 billion meter of cubic.
Coast are low, cut up, coast border reed thickets. In a southeast part of the lake the long peninsula Araltobe, in a northwest part - the island Araltobe. Island length from the South on the North about 3 kilometers, island width from the West on the East 3 kilometers 155 meters.
From the northwest the river Urdzhar which is drying up in the summer flows into the lake. Three small rivers feed the lake: Tentek, Karakol and Ouch. The river Zhinishkesu follows from Sasykkol. Water temperature in the lake in the summer of 29 °C.
A freeze-up since the end of November till April. The sazan, a pike perch, a marinka, a perch and other species of fish is found in Sasykkol.

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