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Shaitankol Lake in Karkaraly.

Cultural heritage tourism in Karkaraly park.

“Nature will tell you a direct lie if she can” 

Charles Darwin.

Trip to Lake Shaitankol in Park Karkaraly.

Lake Shaitankol is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, located in the Bugaly mountains, which in turn are part of the central part of the Karkaraly mountains on the territory of the natural park of the same name, in the Karkaraly district of the Karaganda region.
The lake is surrounded by dilapidated granite rocks of the "layer cake" type, surrounded by overgrown pine forest. The lake is fed by snow. The length of the lake from south to north is 86 meters, the maximum width reaches 58 meters.
The lake is located 5 kilometers from the western outskirts of Karkaralinsk. The water of the lake is dark sometimes black. The picturesque nature of the lake and its surroundings has made it a popular tourist destination.
Geographical coordinates of Lake Shaitankol: N49°23'48.74" E75°23'37.01"

Authority and photos by
 Alexander Petrov.