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Shams Ad-Din Kulyal mausoleum.

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“Stories don't care how events happen. She takes the side of those who do great things and achieve great goals”

Christian Friedrich Goebbel (Hebbel).

A trip from Samarkand to Shahrisabz.

Shams Ad-Din Kulyal mausoleum is constructed in XIV - XV centuries, in the form of a direct quadrangle (12.1 х 10,6), the dome was not saved, and the mausoleum has been covered by a flat roof later.
The building is constructed from burnt a brick of a square kind (26 х 26,5 х 5 sm). A mosque the Cook-Gumbaz in Shakrisabz is located with very esteemed temurids the mausoleum. Here It is buried spiritual instructor Amir Temur - sheikh Shams Ad-Din Kulyal al-Keshi.
According to sources, in the same mausoleum in legs sheikh Kulyal had It is buried a father of governor Mukhammad Taragai. Walls are plastered some times, their original form therefore is partially lost. Under plaster there are rests of the mosaic decorated the azure arch.
Inside of the mausoleum there is a quadrangular tomb from a marble, decorated by a delightful carved ornament. Speak, that, sheikh Kulyal has inspired Amir Temur idea of high applicability as the master of the world.
The dome mausoleum above a tomb of the sheikh has been built in the beginning 1370. Also four parties were originally open on all. The input turned to a mosque, has been trimmed by a portal. By XX century walls and a part of a carved marble gravestone were saved only.

 Alexey Arapov. Uzbekistan.