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Shekhr-Islam ancient settl.

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Shekhr-Islam, located in 20 - 22 kilometers to the north of the etrap center of Bakharla, in Ahal Region, it is identified with the medieval fortress of Tak-Yazyr and is of considerable interest to history and culture of Turkmenistan.
Numerous archeological finds, first of all, craft products, demonstrate that Shekhr-Islam - one of the trade and craft cities of Northern Khurasan, and objects - gemstones - specify the direction of commercial relations.
As a result of archeological excavations in different parts of the city residential quarters are opened, potter's furnaces and workshops are revealed, city walls are cleared away, the large warehouse for storage of iron ore and limestone is found.
At the same time It should be noted that thickness of occupation layers on a monument in certain places reaches 10,5 m. In east citadel there were numerous buildings, and the entrance to it is issued in the form of the arch which facade was decorated by the decorative bricks covered turquoise field.
The remained fortifications and protective towers (they were about 90) demonstrate that residents paid much attention fortifications. The northern wall from the nomadic steppe is especially strongly strengthened: obviously, the main danger to the city proceeded from there.
Data that at construction of a wall of the western citadel on all its extent under the base logs were put are of great interest. Possibly, it was made for depreciation at an earthquake or for the purpose of protection of a bricklaying from salty ground waters.
Many houses are attached directly to a city wall that probably pursued a strategic and economic aim: houses at the same time were a city fortification. They had high ceilings that corresponded to conditions of hot climate.
Water supply of the city, considerably remote from water sources is of special interest. Inhabitants of Shekhr-Islam built the unique hydraulic engineering construction - a water supply system from a burned brick about 22 km long.
The water supply system is dated the XI - XIIth centuries. It is remarkable that the water supply system had capacity to 250 l/sec. Against the background of other hydraulic engineering constructions of Central Asia and the adjacent countries of the East of that period a water supply system of Shekhr-Islam - extremely interesting phenomenon.
Thus, researches showed that the city was created in the 9th centuries, and its blossoming concerns to XII - the beginning of the XIIIth century of century. Handicraft trade sharply fell in the second half of the XIII - XIV century of century, the quantity of houses was reduced and the population decreased.
After short revival at a boundary of the XIV - XV century of century Shekhr-Islam (Tak-Yazyr) stopped existence as the city. Some authors believe that life in the city stopped in the XVIth century.

Authority and photo:
Aydogda Kurbanov, Tirkesh Hodzhaniyazov. Institute of archeology and ethnography of AN of Turkmenistan. 21.10.2011. "Welcome to Turkmenistan"