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The Sherter.

The eminent people composers, singers of Kazakh people.

«Music - a source of pleasure of wise people, it is capable to cause good ideas in people, it deeply gets into its consciousness and easily changes customs and customs»

Sherter is an ancient stringed plucking instrument. Sherter is played the same way as the dombra. But sherter is much smaller than dombra, it had a short neck without the frets, it had different, stronger sound than dombra.
Sherter resembled kobyz because it was also hollowed out of the whole wooden piece, it had the bent shape and the base was covered with leather. Two strings were made of horsehair. The instrument had just one pin; therefore both strings were put through the head, then one of them was attached to the pin and the other string was attached to the head itself. Tuning of strings was related to the long shape of the instrument.
The string fixed on the sherter head was stretched by hand and the second string fixed on the pin was tuned corresponding to the pitch of the first string. Sherter was mainly used for accompanying songs, tales and legends. It was popular amongst the shepherds.The Sherter.