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Sights of Bugutty mountains.

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Bugutty mountains consist of two separately located mountain heights - Balobogetta, stretched in a sublatitudinal direction in the northwest and the Ulken-Bugutty mountains in the southeast, the mountain range is located on the territory of the Charyn Natural Park, in the Uigur district of the Almaty region.
The mountain Bugutty are the most extreme east spur of the ridge Zailiysky Ala-Tau. Absolute height here from 1200 to 1700 meters above sea level. Abrupt southern and flat northern slopes are strongly dismembered by gorges and dry river valleys.
Millions years ago there were high mountains, under the influence of natural powers they turned into strongly destroyed rocky hills. These mountains are divided into two small ridges Small and Big Bugutty. The valley between two ridges it is perfectly visible in the east from the automobile route before entrance to the Kokpek gorge.
Various coloring of soils and rocky breeds is characteristic of mountains of Bugutty. Ridges consist Precambrian and The Paleozoic breeds: slates, gneisses, marble, granites, greenstone are widespread. Destructions of these breeds in the form of powerful thicknesses collected at a foot of mountains and in hollows. In mountains mineral deposits are known.
The main richness of a mountain subsoil is made by non-ferrous and precious metals: lead, zinc, titanium, indium, silver, gold. Deposits of antimony, arsenic, bismuth are connected with fields of non-ferrous metals. This area is characterized by continental droughty climate.
Very high average summer temperatures (+ 22 - 24 degrees). The small quantity of an atmospheric precipitation (250 - 350 mm a year) which is distributed within a year unevenly is combined with high summer temperatures.
Most of all atmospheric precipitation drops out in spring time (March - April), in the second half of their summer is not enough. The ancient geological past, a special geographical arrangement, an originality of a relief and climate cause uniqueness of local wildlife.
Against the background of multi-colored soils and rocks the grassy ephemeral plants and bushes blossoming in the spring create marvelous pictures of the virgin nature which will leave nobody indifferent. From the North sands of the Iliysky valley rest against Bugutty.
Here before the main rocky ridge of the ridge white clay hills are located - their forms are fancy, between them Saxaul (Halohylon Bge) groves grow. Against the background of black gloomy rocks they look is unreal, extremely.
The most favorable time for travel to Bugutty are April and May. Slowly we rise in the gorge. The look wanders on black stones, noting ancient rock paintings numerous here and we will unexpectedly see legendary Tulipa behmiana, they grow at groups between black rocks and are one of sights of the Iliysky hollow.
In decreases graceful white tulips Elder wave on wind, they remind the Ala Tau crocuses (snowdrops). They have a yellow core, petals white. On east slopes the large prickly bushes covered in yellow small colors are noticeable. It - a gift of spring, the endemic of the Central Asian mountains, near it the same flowers, is only less, with pink colors is a bindweed.
The bottoms of valleys with yellow color, this carpet of flowers is created by the blossoming karagana bushes among which the bushes of wild cherry covered in small gentle pink colors as at peach trees are visible.
All this beauty smells sweet as the most delicate aromas, wind mixes them and bears on the twisting gorge. From a crest the fine panorama on the wide valley of the river Ili opens. From here in a clear weather the well-known Singing barkhan is visible in the north, in the West snow tops Zailiiskiy Alatau shines.
Below small expansion in the side gorge where thickets of Salt tree (Halimodendron) - it the most prickly and musical bush of the valley of the river Ili are visible. Now it all in lilac buds, some of them begin to reveal.
Halimodendron - the most favourite delicacy in the world of insects. Insects here great variety! All hurry to live! The spring passes in the semi-desert quickly. Huge green velvet bugs fly from a flower on a flower, disturbed by the awkward movement.
Among stones shine varnished violet green backs of bugs. By noon air gets warm, and thousands of bees and 209 bumblebees buzz over flowers. Of course, first of all butterflies, the brightest and motley of all insects are visible.
This valley is called the valley of European swallowtail (Papilio machaon). This is the largest day butterfly, rare in high mountains, meets here much. It green with black and the red drawing of a caterpillar they hang on each plant of a ferula.
It is a lot of species of insects, live only here, do not meet anywhere in the world. There are rare species of butterflies which are open quite recently. In the foothills live both typical desert, and steppe animal species: the steppe turtle, snakes, is a lot of scorpions, phalanxes (сольпуг).
From birds pink starlings, steppe лунь, an eagle, a blackbird, a pheasant, mountain chicken and others are characteristic. From mammals there live an ordinary yellow gopher, a big sandwort, a slepushonok, a hare, the Siberian roe, a boar, a wolf, a steppe polecat, a big-eared hedgehog, mice, a fox here.
Old residents say that there were many mountain goats, here saw also their shepherd - a snow leopard. The tour to the mountains Boguty can be conducted in one day. The road one way takes on average about 3 hours.
Geographical coordinates of intermountain valley of Bugutty: N43°39'30.23" E78°57'50.62"
Geographic coordinates of Ulken-Bugutty mountains: N43°33'42.80" E79°03'13.37"
Geographical coordinates of mountains of Balaboghetty: N43°38'58.72" E78°50'49.32"

V. L. Kazenas, A. B. Zhdanko. A photo album "On Zailiskiy Alatau".

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.