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On Silk Route Kazakhstan.

Coach trips on the Silk way of Kazakhstan.

"From this book we learn that after leaving the swaying deck of the galley in Azack (Azov), а polovetsk-kypchack fortress that blocked up the Don mouth Franchesco trusted his destiny to а bull team that slowly dragged his kibitka (а hooded cart) for twenty five days towards Dzhutarkhana (Astrakhan) а nogai fortress blocking up the Itil (Volga) mouth"

Silk Route between Almaty and Turkestan.

Where these days the regions of Taraz, Southern Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda are situated, two cultures coexisted for many centuries: nomadic life on the vast steppe and the sedentary civilization of the oases. Through it ran the middle track of the Great Silk Route.
Along it, trade centers and caravan stations flourished. The Europeanized word Caravanserail comes from this cultural area. The word means caravan palace, or caravan court. In fact, many of them bore features of а palace, since remainders of walls surrounding them have been found and can still be seen in the steppes and desert oases.
They were usually very big, always surrounded by walls, and equipped with inns, kitchens, stables to change animals, а mosque and а storehouse for merchandise. There was trade in аll kinds of goods: expensive cloth such as the silk to which the route owed its пате but also damast and cotton, hides and wool, precious stones, craftwork, porcelain, roots, tea and fruits, arms and gunpowder, rare wild animals, noble steeds, hunting birds and wind hounds.
For more than а thousand уеагs, the most important trade route of all times influenced the pulse of this region. Southern Kazakhstan is not only rich in fair landscapes, but has also numегоus cultural, historic and architectonic treasures to offer.
The sheltered, water-rich and wood-covered Karatau mountains used to be human dwelling places as early as the Stone Age. In the fertile river basins of the Chuy, the Talas, the Aksu, the Arys and the Syrdaria numerous kaganates and khanates came and went - it goes without saying that such а blessed land in the middle of deserts and steppes raised the envy of many a ruler.
Unfortunately, this also led to the destruction of many cities which else could still herald name and fame of the Silk Route. But some of the ancient monuments have been preserved and increasing numbers of them аге being rеdiesсоvеrеd and restored.
Southern Kazakhstan is а region in progress, with а touristic potential that larggely exceeds the existing infrastructure. А trip from Almaty along Taraz, Оtrar and Turkеstаn and eventually further dоwn to Куzуlогdа should unconditional  include the natural beauty of the western Tien--Shаn, the mountain of Karatau and the steppe.

Rakip Nasyrov. Tthe book «The Great Silk way», Almaty, 1991

Photos by:
Alexander Petrov.