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Springs in mountains of Karkaraly.

Trip from Karkaraly park to Bayanaul.

“When traveling through the Dzhusaly tract, I found red clay at the bottom of this mountain, at the Auliebulak key or the Holy spring called, flowing out of this mountain, it has an astringent bitter-salty-sour taste ... Drinking water from Auliebulak by Kyrgyz people gives relief in various diseases. As a sign of reverence for healing power, the people, gathering, light candles and make sacrifices with different cattle”

College assessor Darto (De Arto). Report to the Omsk regional chief S.B.Bronevsky. 1826.

Walk in Karkaraly park.

The Karkaraly park is famous for its abundance of underground springs. One of the characteristic features of the Karkaraly mountains is the springs. The water in them is fresh, tastes good and rather cold. Especially distinguished by local residents is the Suukbulak spring.
Bubbles constantly stand out from the bottom of the spring - evidence that the water is really carbonated. It is established that the flow rate of the spring is modest and equal to 0.45 liters per second. Summer water temperature + 6 ° C.
According to old-timers, a spring that does not freeze in any winter always has the same temperature. The most significant forest river is Karkaralinka. It originates from two sources from the eastern ridges of the mountains.
The left and more full-flowing branch of the keys includes the Big and Small Karkaralinka, merging together within the city boundaries, and the right logs dry up in the summer near the Big Shchuchye Lake. Their common channel is called - Kurozek - Sukhoi Klyuch.
After the confluence of both sources, Karkaralinka also receives the left-side tributaries of the Tulkuli and Tasbulak. Crashing into the low hills of Karamurla and Saryzhal, this river rushes to Lake Karasor. From the spurs of the Komsomolsky peak, the Kengir stream begins, heading strictly east along the Kabanya valley.
Behind the village of Komissarovsky, around the powerful outcrops of granite, the water stream turns sharply south and is called the Karasu River. After 20 km. Karasu flows into the freshwater lake of Soltankopa.
The Zharly river is a high-flowing river with a fast current, flows along the western slopes of the Karkaraly mountains, flows into Lake Karasor.

Advertising booklet of Karkaraly National Park, 2003.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.