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Stone statues Kos batyr in Buiratau.

History sights of Buratau park.

“To you, my dear jigit friends, I dedicate and pass on the fruit of the work done together with you ... I did my work with all the love and dedication that I was capable of. In this work, it was impossible to take a single step without inner harmony with the intimate strings of the soul of the people, and thanks to this, I, a random stranger, fell in love with the talented Kazakh people forever.

V. Zataevich, an excerpt from one of the letters to his Kazakh friends. Ryszard Badowski "Polish Singers of Kazakhstan", type. Diocese of Pelplin "BERNARDINUM", 2004

Trip to park Buiratau.

The stone statues of Kos batyr are located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, located on the territory of the natural park Buiratau, 9.5 kilometers south and slightly west of the village of Turgay, 5.4 kilometers north of the village of Balykty, in the Yereymentau district in the northeast Akmola region.
The stone statues of Kos Batyr are located on the territory of the cultural and archaeological complex "Kumai", in the eastern part of the Sokolinnye Mountains. Here is the cultural heritage of several millennia, which was the residence of the Turkic rulers, compactly localized on one territory, within the state national park "Buyratau", at the foot of the mountain of the same name.
Stone statue - statues carved from granite, installed on the eastern side of the ritual fences, they occupy a special place in the space of the Kumai River valley. Stone statue Kos Batyr is located 4 kilometers west of the left bank of the Kumai River, which is the left tributary of the Kedey River.
Probably, at these statues, each of which had its own name and symbolized spiritual culture, ceremonies of worship of the souls of ancestors were held. The very same characters of worship in their time were outstanding people of the tribe. In the right hand of this gigantic statue, a huge glass is depicted.
In the left hand is depicted a weapon, a sword. Other stone statues were built with the same military attributes, but they are located a little behind. This is the only multi-component cultural complex in the region, represented by monuments of the Bronze Age, the Early Iron Age and the Turkic period.
The historical significance of the monuments of the Kumai cultural complex lies in the potential information content of all types and types of monuments.
Geographical coordinates of Balbals of Kos Batyr: N51°40'39.94" E72°43'41.12"

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