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Sultan-Mir-Khaidar complex.

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Legends and traditions of Lyangar in Kashkadarya.

The known architecturally-memorial complex is located near to regional center Kasbi, to the West from Karshi. The distance between Karshi and Kasbi makes 35 - 40 km. In historical researches Kasbi will mention as one of the greater settlements Nahshaba, located in 4 Farsahs from road to Bukhara.
In the early Middle Ages fortress Kazbion represented an advanced post sasanids on border with Sogd. The settlement Kasbi (Kesba) was more, than Nesef. To the east from a complex, on distance of 5 km., there is a settlement Mugulon, nowadays the administrative and cultural center of the area Kasbin, the arranged well small town where except for administrative items shops and cultural establishments are located.
The complex was formed owing to family saiid, moved of Khurasan in Kasbi. Participation saiids in accomplishment Kasbi, undoubtedly, is great. About it writes Makhmud ibn Bring down, that Kasbi - a paradise garden where lives family saiids.
The mausoleums and the tombs which are being a complex, were under construction in current of several centuries stage by stage in XI - XIV, XVI - XVII and XVIII - XIX centuries. 
The necropolis is presented in the form of a suite closed and open premises, with the closed space of three court yard - an extensive southern court yard with economic constructions and Takorat-khana, with a minaret in a northeast part, the small court yard uniting group of the mausoleums both years aivan a mosque and northern extensive court yard with small aivan and burial places.
Premises of a complex are extended from the south on the north. An ancient basis of a complex are the mausoleums XI - XVI centuries of the central court yard, the three-chambered mausoleum the Sultan-Mir-Khaidar closing it from the north and mausoleum Akli-Bay, in east part of a court yard.
Now is in a pitiable condition. Solves a question on introduction of a complex in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO.

 The Guidebook on tourist places of interest of the Kashkadarya province. 2011.