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Susyngen Lake in Sairam-Ugam Park.

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Susyngen Lake is located at an altitude of 1907.8 meters above sea level on the northern slope of the Ugam range in the mountain system of the Western Tien-Shan in the Tolebi district of Turkestan region. (Su singing "- the water was absorbed).
The length of the lake, from south to north, is 1 kilometer 340 meters, the largest width, in the northern part of the lake, is 481 meters. A dam-type lake, formed from the collapse of the north-eastern slope of the gorge.
From the lake flows the Togytba River with a length of 4 kilometers 840 meters, which at an altitude of 1574.3 meters above sea level flows into the Aigyrzhikkinsay River with an eastern and western tributary. 1 kilometer south of Lake Susyngen, the Togytba River receives the eponymous eastern tributary with a length of about 15 kilometers.
The Aigyrzhikkinsay River flows in a deep canyon and after 8 kilometers flows into the Ugam River from the right side. The Susyngen River flows into the lake, which receives the main food from the numerous springs of the southern slope of the Kulynshak Mountains.
The length of the Susengen River from the sources of 8 kilometers is 86o meters. Around the end of July, Susyngen Lake, as a result of the active spring-summer runoff of the supply rivers, is filled to a certain point.
The water erodes the bottom sludge that formed during the summer, autumn, and winter, and soon the water begins to leave the lake along karst cavities. In August, in the place where the lake was, a green meadow forms.
At the confluence of the Susiengen river, under the rocks, there is a small depression with water from which water bypassing the surface rushes down through the underground karst channels. In the Kokshal-Too mountains, on the Kyrgyz-Chinese border, in Kyrgyzstan there is a lake of the same type with Susyngen - Kel-Suu, the water of which, through erosion of silt in the dam, periodically leaves the lake.

Alexander Petrov.

Photos used
with permission of Alikhan Abdeshev, Tourism Manager of Sairam-Ugam National Park.