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Tasbas ancient settlement.

Settlement Tasbas is situated is the southern slope of the mountains Bayan-Zhurek, in 4 - 5 km to the north from settlement Kalakao.  Settlement was established on several terraces, going one above another on distance 50 - 70 m; to the west in 300 m were situated some more similar terraces.
For excavations were chosen dwelling, established on low terrace. On surface was observed stone layer. Further it was established, that was part of the late Kazakh dwelling of the XVIII - XIX c.c.
After cleaning up constructions it was clarified, that ancient dwelling was under winter settlement on depth 1,8 - 2,3 m. Construction of dwelling appeared compound enough. House was cut into slope and covered from the north and north-east by rock.
Floor of dwelling was plastered by clay and was going down to the west. It remained very well only in the eastern part of house.  Several building horizons were revealed: under plastering of floor were discovered 2 fire places.
The first fire-place was mode of clay. Its sizes are 60 x 80 cm, lower for 35 cm from this fire place was the second fire place, made of stones. Its sizes are 80 x 90 cm. Lower was going layer of burnt wood and earth under it. In whole dwelling presented itself earth house. It is dated by the epoch of the Late Bronze.
On square of dwelling were collected pieces of grey color ceramics - fragments of sides, necks and bottoms of pots. Part of them had ornament.  On necks and nimbus were discovered pearls, carvings, cannellures.
Some fragments of ceramics in a form of stretched triangles and holes were also discovered. Analogous ceramics is met on settlements of Central and East Kazakhstan and in Semirechie.
By their form and ornament vessels from settlement  Tasbas are close to Semirechie ones from settlements Serektas, Talapty, Asy, but the biggest similarity is observed with ceramics on settlement Serektas.
It gives possibility to date settlement by the Epoch of Final Bronze. Choice of place on rather rough slope on terraces is stipulated by climatic conditions. In conditions of cold winter the southern slopes of Bayan-Zhurek were protected from the northern winds and there it was much warmer.
In summer conditions there were a lot of grass and plain slopes and plains of Djungar Alatau let in one day to go up on summer pastures-djailau.

Ancient settlement Tasbas.Ancient settlement Tasbas.Ancient settlement Tasbas.Ancient settlement Tasbas.Ancient settlement Tasbas.

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Alexander Petrov