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Termez town.

Visiting of monuments of Termez.

"These are your trot eyes, Asia,
Something spotted in me
Something teased undercover
And born of silence
Both tedious and difficult
Like a half-day Termez heat.
Like all the memory in consciousness
Hot lava flowed
Like I'm sobbing
From the palms of others drank "

Anna Akhmatova. 1945.

Tours from Termez to Fergana.

Termez is located on the left bank of the Amudarya river and is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia. This is a land of old trade traditions and brave warriors. The first signs of culture appeared in the place of modern Termez in the Stone Age.
Archeological discoveries proved that the origin of agricultural civilization on this territory dates further before the Vthc. BC. There were several dynasties during all historical period and each of them introduced something new into the culture of modern Uzbekistan. 
Alexander the Great annexed the state of the Akheamenids and then Bactria to his empire. It happened in the 4thc. BC, after victory over an enemy – the military forces of Darius the IIIrd. 
But he received a proposal of peace from Bactrian monarch's and the king of Khorezm Farasman in 329-328 BC, in the capital of Bactria. Besides, Greek-Macedonian rule over Bactria lasted 180 years. So elements of Hellinism penetrated the culture of Bactria.
Alexander the Great tried to control the religion cults. After the Seleukids's collapse the new Kingdom of Bactria appeared on that place. With time Hellenistic, Buddhism and Indian religions mixed on this land. In the IIIrdc.
BC Termez town emerged on the cross of the roads running to India and China. In the ancient times the Nephrite Road started here. During period from 1st to the 4thc. AD the Buddhism became widespread in the Eastern Turkestan and Central Asia, especially in Termez, because of Kushan rule.
So, in the territory of modern Termez were discovered Buddhist architectural complexes Kara-Tepa and Fayaz-Tepa. Still today you will be abie to explore the ruins of Kushan Buddhist monasteries, where monks in the first centuries AD created one of the most tolerant, creative and intei-lectual environments in history, laying the spawning ground for scholars such as Mohammad Ali Hakim at-Termezi, whose works would hundreds of years later be instrumental in the formation of Sufism, in which many elements of Buddhism can be found.
Archaeological excavations at Ayrtam, one of the most important monasteries, which at the timestood on the shores of the Amudarya, some 18 km East of modern Termez, was the first site leading to the study of Buddhism in Central Asia.
Regrettably, this highly interesting and well-researched monastery was destroyed in the 1980s during the construction of the now equally famous bridge of friendship spanning the Amudarya to the Afghan border.
The world famous Ayrtam Fries can now be admired at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. It was at Ayrtam were an engraved stone slab with Bactrian inscriptions was found, together with gold coins and adornments, all bearing a testimony to the extraordinary cultural wealth of Bactria.
In the beginning of 4thc. Eftalits replaced the Kushans,so the period of the IVthc. - Vthc. is called the era of the Samanids. During VIthc. - VIIthc there was the Turk Khanate rule. In the VIIIthc. B
actria with Termez became the part of Arab Caliphate. The Samanids ruled in the IXthc.- Xthc. During the period of the Karakhanids and Seljukids feudal economic system developed in the territory of modern Termez.
In XIIIth c. the area was conquered by the Mongols of Chinghiz-khan. The Temurids ruled in the 14thc. - XVthc. And in XIXth c. Termez became the main frontier town of the south border of Russia. As you see, Termez is a town of the interesting centuries-old history.
Besides, nowadays Termez is one of the major economic centers of Uzbekistan. Termez tour is one of the most fascinating and frequently attended excursions taken by tourists who travel to Uzbekistan. 
Travel to Termez shows its visitors why Termez is famous by its splendor of gold and lazurite. Many tourists who are traveling in Termez are amazed how many historical sights and interested facts can be showen during a tour of Termez.
There is a lot magnificent beauty to see on a travel to Termez.

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