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Tour of an adventure in Mountains Pamir.

Tourist campaigns in mountains of the Turkestan ridge.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow” 

Anita Desai.

The trekking program is created for those, who want to see the amazing nature of Kyrgyzstan. It goes in the Pamir mountain system through various landscapes. We trek along the gorges of Turkestan mountain range and to the heart of Pamir-Alai mountain system. 
Turkestan mountain range region reminds South American Patagonia. The mountain trails going above the steeps, wild nature, panoramic views of the canyons crowned by snow-white peaks and treks to the foot peak Ak-Suu 5355 meters above sea level – this Peak will leave an unforgettable impression on everybody. The second part of the trekking program goes to the foot peak Lenin.
Situated in the Pamirs on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tadjikistan, close to the borders with China and Afghanistan, Lenin Peak is one of only five 7000 meter peaks in the former USSR. At 7134 meters above sea level it is the third highest, the others being Peak Communism 7495 meters above sea level and Korzhenevsky 7105 meters above sea level, both in the Pamirs, and Peak Pobeda 7439 meters above sea level and Khan Tengri 7010 meters above sea level in the Tien-Shan. 
To climb all five admits you to the elite group of Russian climbers known as Snow Leopards. Lenin Peak is considered the most accessible 7000-meter mountain. There is a high way going almost to the foot of the peak. Also Lenin Peak by the normal Razdelny route is practically no technical climbing involved.

Advantages of a campaign «Pamir adventures»:
In a campaign in your backpack there will be only your personal things, there is no need to transportation the tent and products. You do not employ the cook, porters, pack animals.

The short description of a route of a campaign in mountains of the Turkestan ridge:

Bishkek – Batken – Ozgerysh village – Buldzhuma pass – Dzhalgychy pass – Orto-Chashma gorge – Ak-Suu gorge – Ozgerysh village – Batken – Osh - Base Camp “Achik-Tash” – Camp №1 - “Achik-Tash” Base Camp – Osh town.

Distance of the tour: 879 km.
Season: from July 1 to September 10.
Duration of the tour: 13 days, 12 nights.
The best time for a tour: July, August.
Distance in an active part of a tour: 94 km.

 The detailed program of a mountain campaign on gorges Lyalyak and Ak-Suu in mountains Pamir-Alai: 

Walking and climbing tour in Turkestan range. 

Day 1. Bishkek.
Arrival in Bishkek, meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel (30 km), accommodation, rest. Breakfast. Excursion on town Bishkek, visiting of the main area of the country - Ala-Too. It is Ala-Too in translation from the Kirghiz language means «Snow mountains», symbolizes the nature of the country which two thirds make mountains.
The area "Ala-Too" - the most popular place in city where are spent national open air celebrations, holidays, meetings and other actions. In the center of the area the 10-meter bronze sculptural monument to the hero of national epos Manas, monument to the Kirghiz writer Chingizu Aitmatov and black-and-white monument in memory of events 2002 and 2010 towers. On the area flutters 45 meter flag of Kyrgyzstan. Lunch in local eating house.
Visiting State museum of History of Kyrgyzstan, Nikolskii churches, mosaic monument «Friendship of people» established
in 1964, visiting of monument of Great Domestic war on the area the "Victory", established in 1985, by 40-th anniversary of victory over the Second world war. Visiting of the Osh market, visiting of museum of Michael Frunze. Dinner and overnight.
Day 2. Bishkek - Batken - settlement Ozgerush of 1700 meters above sea level.
Breakfast. Transfer to airport "Mans", flight to town Batken (1 hour), a meeting at the airport of the town of Batken. Transfer to settlement Ozgerush (4 hours), arrival in settlement Ozgerush, accommodation in the guest house. Preparation for hiking, walk on settlement Ozgerush. Lunch and dinner, overnight.
Day 3. Settlement Ozgerush - camp Ak-Tash of 2500 meters above sea level (15 km, 7 - 8 hours. + 1194 m, - 394 m).
Breakfast. Hiking: Ozgerush - camp Ak-Tash. The first day of our campaign will begin with survey of wild pistachio trees and gardens of a walnut which will be on a way of our first day. Wild tracks last along the river Bulzhuma and rise to pass Bulzhuma which is at height of 2894 meters above sea level. A lunch on pass.
From pass it is possible to see neighboring mountains, the kind on the Western part of peak Pyramidal and peak Orto-Chashma from here opens. Descent Further begins with pass in a valley of the river Ak-Tash. Our first camp - camp Ak-Tash which is behind extensive thrickets of a juniper on a green glade. A dinner and overnight in camp Ak-Tash.
Day 4. Camp Ak-Tash - camp Orto-Chashma of 2700 meters above sea level. (16 km, 6 - 7 hours, + 1274 m. - 1074 m).
Breakfast. Hiking: camp Ak-Tash - camp Orto-Chashma. After a breakfast we shall wade through the river Ak-Tash on a stone talus and we shall go to pass Zhalgychi of 3774 meters above sea level. A lunch in vicinities of pass.
From top of pass kinds of the Turkestani ridge open panoramic. Descent in a valley of the river Zhalgychi up to merge to the river Orto-Chashma. A dinner, overnight in camp Orto-Chashma.
Day 5. Camp Orto-Chashma - camp Ak-Suu (15 km, 8 - 10 hours. + 1590 m. – 1190 m). 
Breakfast. Rise on the river Orto-Chashma before merge to the river Ak-Tyubek. We shall continue a way along the river Ak-Tyubek and we shall soon turn to snow-covered to pass Ak-Tyubek of 4390 meters above sea level. Ascent on pass to us will not seem complex, on a way on pass we see majestic panoramas on a valley of the river Orto-Chashma and stately peak Iskander.
The camp is located on a picturesque green glade at the river Ak-Suu. On a way we see rocky walls of gorge Ak-Suu - peak Iskander of 5120 meters above sea level, peak Petrogrades of 5165 meters above sea level, peak Admiral of 5090 meters above sea level, peak Aksu of 5355 meters above sea level, Alexander Blok peak of 5229 meters above sea level, peak Aktybek of 5125 meters above sea level. A dinner, a overnight in camp Ak-Suu.
Day 6. Walk to bottom of peak Ak-Suu (14 km, 5 hours. + 600 m. – 600 m). 
Breakfast. The foot track will lead us through thrickets of a juniper, on a moraine among stone blocks and Pamir-Alai - to peak Ak-Suu of 5355 meters above sea level is gone to a glacier, to the heart. A lunch in vicinities of peak Ak-Suu. The peak has the form of a pyramid, the top is covered by an ice and a snow, from northern party peak steep, a rocky wall more than 2000 meters.
Around of peak Ak-Suu the mighty four - peaks Iskander, Admiral, Petrogrades and Alexander Blok has settled down. Returning in camp Ak-Suu, a dinner, a overnight.
Day 7. Camp Ak-Suu - settlement Ozgeryush (10 km, 6 hours, - 1500 m).
Breakfast. Hiking in settlement Ozgeryush. Today descent along the river Ak-Mechit on thrickets of a juniper. On a way there will be an excellent opportunity to observe very close peak Iskander. Lunch in a way. Then our way lays through beautiful green gorge up to settlement Ozgeryush. Arrival in settlement Ozegryush, accommodation in the guest house. A dinner, and overnight.
Day 8. Ozgeryush - Batken - the town of Osh (510 km, 12 hours. – 500 m).
Breakfast. Transfer: settlement Ozgeryush - Batken (120 km, 4 hours). The further transfer: Batken - Osh (390 km, 8 hours). A lunch in a way. Arrival in Osh, transfer to hotel, accommodation. A dinner, a overnight.
Day 9. Osh - settlement Gulcha - pass Taldyk of 3615 meters above sea level - settlement Sary-Tash of 3200 meters above sea level - natural boundary Achik-Tash of 3600 meters above sea level (275 km).
Breakfast. After a breakfast excursion on the town of Osh, visiting: unique natural-historical the sight of Kyrgyzstan, which survey includes mountains Suleiman-Too: Osh settlement of an epoch of bronze, to this settlement about 3 thousand years, about it archeological finds testify. Visiting of cave complex.
Expositions of cave complex are devoted to religious traditions since ancient times: buddhism, shamanism, christianity and an islam. Visiting of archeological-cultural monuments in vicinities of mountain Sulaiman-Too, at first top Sulaiman-Too is unique single-chamber mosque of the Fergana architecturally-building school XVI - XVII c.с., the mosque of prophet Suleimana (Solomon), mosque is located at height more than 150 meters on a sea level.
Visiting of historical museum «Great Silk way», premise of museum shares on two halls. In the first hall an exposition, devoted to flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan. In the second hall the exposition is devoted to history of Kyrgyzstan, since the most ancient times till now. Lunch in local eating house.
After lunch transfer: Osh - natural boundary Achik-Tash. We are driving in base camp "Achik-Tash", near Lenin peak of 7134 meters above sea level. Base camp "Achik-Tash" is located, near to the high-mountainous river Achik-Tash. From it the plateau opens an impressing kind on northern slopes of Lenin peak. Accommodation in tents, a dinner, a overnight.
Day 10. Base camp "Achik-Tash" - camp of №1 4400 meters above sea level (12 km, 5 - 6 hours. + 800 m).
Breakfast. Hiking to root of a mountain Lenin peak to camp №1, through pass of Travellers of 4200 meters above sea level. Rise on pass usually borrows 1 - 1,5 hours and passes on a good track. From pass of Travellers the excellent panorama on a glacier and Lenin's top opens.
On pass the snow always lays. Picnic on pass. The further descent to the left part of a glacier of Lenin, a track passes on northern slope of a mountain ridge, and then goes down on a moraine and soon we ford the river. Hiking on a moraine to camp №1. Arrival in camp 1, accommodation in tents, a dinner and overnight.
Day 11. Camp №1 - base camp "Achik-Tash" (12 km, 3 - 4 hours, - 800 m).
Breakfast. Today returning in base camp "Achik-Tash" through pass of Travellers. Arrival in base camp. A lunch. After a lunch foot walk on lake Tulpar Lake, walks in vicinities of lake. Returning in base camp. A dinner, a overnight in tents.
Day 12. Base camp "Achik-Tash" - the town of Osh. (275 km, 6 hours. - 2800 m).
Breakfast. Transfer to the town of Osh through passes «40 years to Kyrgyzstan», «Taldyk» and «Chigirchik». A lunch in a way. Arrival in Osh, transfer to hotel, accommodation. A free time. A dinner, overnight.
Day 13. Osh.
Transfer to the airport. Departure to home.

The price includes of the program “Pamir adventures”:
Accommodation in a hotel 3* in Bishkek – 2 nights, accommodation in a Kyrgyz family in settlement Ozgeryush village – 2 night, accommodation in a hotel 3* in Osh –  2 nights, accommodation in tent camps with full board (3 meals a day – hot breakfast and dinner, snack boxes for lunch) – 7 nights, Full board during the whole tour, Air fare Bishkek – Batken, Escorting guide during the whole tour. Service of pack animals for transporting your luggage, All transfers as per program, Ecological and entrance fees into the museums – as per program.

The price does not include of the program “Pamir adventures”:
Visa support and consular fee (if required, All additions and variations from the basic program, Food and drinks besides the main menu, Other personal expenses (overweight charges, room service, medical expenses/insurance, foto/video charges, etc).

Attention! You do not have to  tent yourself. There are tents ready and upon arrival you can rest immediately. You are welcomed by hot meals.

Service of pack animals and drivers during the trekking: 
Your personal luggage during the whole trek is carried by the animal drivers who accompany your group. Your luggage shouldn’t be more than 15 kg per person. For 1 kg extra luggage you pay 5 Euro per program.

You need the following for the trek: sleeping bag, good solid trekking shoes, waterproof jacket and pants, warm gloves and a hat, sunglasses, a torch (flashlight) with a spare pair of batteries, sunscreen, a water container 1-2 liter, a daypack of 40 liters.
A down jacket and walking sticks are recommended.

The schedule of flights Bishkek - Batken. Air Company "Tez Jet".

Days of departure 2,4,6,7. Flight DJ-107, Departure at 11.02 , arrival at 12.10.

Photos by:
Alexander Petrov.