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Tour Atyrau to Turkmenistan.

Travel on motorhome across Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

«The person can rise on the highest top, long there remain it cannot»

 Georges Bernard Shou.

Short description of tour route from Astrakhan to Atyrau:

Astrakhan - border crossing checkpoint «Kotyaevka/Kurmangazy» - settlement Ganyshkino - town Atyrau - settlement Dossor - settlement Kulsary - settlement Beineu - Settlement Sai-Utes - train station Shetpe - town Aktau - town Zhanaozen - border crossing checkpoint «Temirbaba\Karabogaz» (Kazakh-Turkmen border) – town Turkmenbashi.

Distance of route: 1525 km.
Season: year round
Best time for travel: April - September.
Duration of tour: 6 days, 5 nights.

The general distance from border crossing checkpoint «Kotyaevka\Kurmangazy» Russian-Kazakhstan check post between Astrakhan (Russia) and Atyrau (Kazakhstan) and border crossing checkpoint «Temirbaba\Karabogaz» (Kazakh-Turkmen check post between town Aktau (Kazakhstan) and settlement Bekdash-Karabogaz (Turkmenistan) - 816 km, (This distance is specified only on territory of Kazakhstan).

Detailed program day by day from Russia to Turkmenistan:

Tour from Atyrau to Aktau on Mangyshlak.

1 Day. Astrakhan - settlement Ganjushkino - settlement Ak-Kystau - Атырау (280 km).
 Arrival from Astrakhan. Passage of formalities of the Russian and Kazakhstan customs and boundary service. Meeting on border crossing checkpoint «Kurmangazy». Registration of insurance policies on vehicles. Transfer: border crossing checkpoint «Kurmangazy» - settlement Ganyshkino - settlement Ak-Kystau - town Atyrau (280 km), on this site of way in settlements Ganyshkino and Ak-Kystau is gasoline stations. Arrival in Atyrau, transfer to hotel, accommodation in hotel, overnight.
2 Day. Atyrau
Breakfast in hotel. Excursion on Atyrau. Visiting of town study of local lore museum, visiting of regional museum of arts and crafts, visiting of town mosque Imangali, visiting of cathedral Uspeniya Holy of Mother, walk on the Foot bridge through the river Ural, walk on the town area at mayor’s office, walk on quay of the river of Ural from hotel "Shagala". Sightseeing tour on town "Bridges Atyrau" from the Europe to Asia. Lunch and dinner at local restaurant. Overnight in hotel.
3 Day. Atyrau - settlement Dossor - settlement Kulsary - settlement Beineu (452 km). 
Breakfast. On this site there are gasoline stations in settlements Dossor and Kulsary. Arrival in settlement Beineu, transfer to hotel, overnight.
4 Day. Settlement Beineu - settlement Sai-Utes - train station Shetpe - town Aktau (470 km). 
Breakfast. On this share of way only in settlement Shetpe there is gasoline station. After settlement the Sai-Utes ahead of us waits grandiose descent Manata with palteu Ustyurt. On descent and further magnificent panoramas of cretaceous mountains of Mangyshlak open. Road between Binei and Aktau during 250 kilometers in very bad condition, without an asphalt covering. For 50 kilometers before city we overcome the deepest hollow in Kazakhstan - Karagie, 132 meters below sea level. Arrival in the city of Aktau, transfer to hotel, accommodation overnight.
5 Day. Aktau.
Breakfast. Excursion on town: visiting of town historical museum, orthodox church the Blagoveshchensk meeting house, visiting of town mosque Beket-Ata, monument Taras Shevchenko on coast of Caspian sea, quay of city, walk in vicinities of cape Cretaceous, walk on central city area Intymak, walk in vicinities of city quay with panorama on town, sightseeing tour on city with visiting an old part of city. Sightseeing tour on city. Lunch and dinner at local restaurants. Overnight in hotel.
6 Day. Актау - town Zhanaozen - valley Kenderli - check point «Temirbaba/Karabogaz» (323 km). 
Breakfast. Through 50 kilometers after departure from Актау we pass the deepest depression in Kazakhstan - Karagie. In vicinities of natural boundary Kenderli with right the parties from us we see Caspian sea. On this share of way only in the town of Zhanaozen there is gasoline station.
Arrival on border crossing checkpoint «Temirbaba\Karabogaz». Passing of formalities of border crossing checkpoint «Temirbaba\Karabogaz» customs and boundary service. Transfer to Turkmenbashi.

The additional information for "Tour from Atyrau to Turkmenistan":

That is necessary for transit travel (short-term import) foreign car on territory of Republic Kazakhstan?
Special permissions of motor vehicles in Republic Kazakhstan are not present. All necessary documents for entrance to Republic Kazakhstan are form out on customs item of border.
The driver at entrance to Republic Kazakhstan is obliged to have at itself - driver's license, vehicle registration certificate, power of attorney on driving of vehicle.

On border crossing checkpoint it is necessary for driver to fill:

1. Customs declaration. In the customs declaration, on 2-nd page, in the bottom part, there is column, there it is necessary to enter data of the car (category of vehicle, state number, number of the engine, number of carosserie, number car frame) (the customs declaration give out free of charge).
2. Returned obligation on vehicle. The returned obligation is document in which you give obligation to customs bodies of Republic Kazakhstan, that guarantee export of motor vehicle from Kazakhstan in the specified term, without the right of sale and donation to territories of Republic of Kazakhstan. The returned obligation is filled in duplicate, one remains at customs service, another remains to you. At departure Republic Kazakhstan, you should leave the returned obligation on customs item of departure (the returnable obligation give out free of charge and any duties on temporary import of the car on territory of Republic Kazakhstan does not undertake). 
3. Migration card (give out free of charge).

Insurance of vehicle:

In Republic Kazakhstan according to the law on insurance obligatory insurance of vehicle is necessary. After passing of customs and boundary procedures on border at entrance to Republic Kazakhstan it is necessary to issue obligatory insurance of vehicle in item of insurance. Cost of insurance vehicle means depends on year of release, market cost, category of vehicle. Provisional cost of insurance of the vehicle from $25 up to $50

More detailed information on rules of import and export of motor vehicles on our site in section "Helpful information".

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