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Tour from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan.

Thematic tours across Uzbekistan from tour company «Silk Road Adventures».

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home” 

Anna Quindlen,

The short description of route of tour from Fergana valley on northwest of Uzbekistan:

Check point «Dustlik» - town of Andizhan - town of Kokand - settlement Hanabad - pass Kamchik of 2268 meters above sea level - Angren water basin - town of Angren - city of Tashkent - settlement Syr-Darya - town of Dzhizak - settlement Kangliabad - town of Samarkand - pass Tahtakarach of 1670 meters above sea level - town of Shakhrizabs - town Karshi - town of Bukhara - settlement Gazli - settlement Turtkul - town of Beruni - town of Urgench - town of Khiva - settlement Bustan - site of ancient settlement Toprak kala - site of ancient settlement Kyzyl kala - necropolis Sultan Uvais - site of ancient settlement Dzhanpyk kala - dakhma Chilpyk - town of Nukus - settlement Hodzheili - town of Kungrad - settlement Muinak - town of Uchkuduk - settlement Eski Forish - settlement Jangikishlak - settlement Sardoba - settlement Yalama – Tashkent - check point «Gysht Kuprik»\Check point «Zhibek Zholy» - pass Kazygurt - town of Shymkent - town of Turkestan - site of ancient settlement Sauran - settlement Zhanakorgan - site of ancient settlement Sygnak - town of Kyzylorda - settlement Zhosaly - memorial Korkyt-Ata - town of Baikonur - settlement Kazalinsk - town of Aralsk - settlement Karabutak - town of Hromtau - town of Aktobe - settlement Kobda - settlement Zhympity - town of Uralsk - check point "Taskala".

Distance of the route: 5 570 km.
Season: from May 20, 1st till Oktober, 1th.
 The best time for travel: May - August.
Duration of the tour: 22 days, 21 nights.

The detailed program of tour day by day across Fergana valley, the Central Uzbekistan on northwest of Uzbekistan:

Tours from Kokand to Osh.

Day 1. Osh - town of Kokand (180 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: town of Osh - check point «Dostuk» (4 km). At once behind city stop on the Kirghiz check point «Dostuk», passage of formalities of boundary and customs service of Kyrgyzstan. The Kirghiz check point is followed with the Uzbek check point "Dustlik», passage of formalities of boundary and customs service of Uzbekistan. After the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border our way lays across Fergana valley through the town of Andizhan and settlement Yaazyavan, thus, we pass the town of Fergana.
On site from the town of Osh up to the town of Kokand in greater settlements there are gasoline stations. Arrival in the town of Kokand, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Excursion across Kokand, visiting of museum of the literature and art of name Gafura Gulyama. In Kokand, in one of ancient cities of Uzbekistan, ancient monuments were kept. In old areas of town fortifications in XVIII century on place of fortress the Eski-Kurgan have been erected.
Visiting of the main sight of Kokand majestic palace of Khudoyar-Khana (1871), madrasah Mederesei-Mir (XVIII century), architectural ensemble Dakhmai-Shakhon (1825), the house of museum Khamza, visiting of one of modern craft workshops of town. Arrival in Kokand, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 2. Kokand - city of Tashkent (240 km).  
Breakfast. Transfer: Kokand - city of Tashkent. After Kokand the road begins rise on pass Kamchik of 2268 meters above sea level. We overcome the highest point of pass in tunnel, after descent from pass at the left we see Angren water basin stretched with northeast on southwest. On site from the town of Kokand up to the city of Tashkent in greater settlements there are gasoline stations.
Arrival in Tashkent, transfer to hotel, accommodation.
Excursion on city, after lunch trip to an old part of Tashkent to madrasah Kukeldash, is the first ancient monument which we see in capital of Uzbekistan. Constructed in the middle of XVI century one of governors Kukeldash, during Soviet time madrasah it was used, as warehouse, then museum.
Visiting of area Khat Imam is sacred heart of Tashkent - consisting of madrasah the Barrack of Khan, mosque Tillya Sheikh, mausoleum Kafal Shashi and the mausoleum the Barrack of Khan of descendant Tamerlana in XVI century the Barrack Khan was the governor of this area at shaibanids.
It is an administrative centre of Mufti of Uzbekistan, the center of an official Islam in Republic. Mosque Tillya the Sheikh, conctruct at that time, as madrasah the Barrack Khan, is used for Friday service. In mosque there is huge Koran the Osmanli turk who is one of the oldest Korans. Mausoleum Kafal Shashi is tomb of the local doctor, the philosopher and the poet of the Islam which lived with 904 for 979 years.
Visiting of the Applied Art Museum - museum is used for carrying out of art exhibitions. Visiting of market Chorsu - the biggest market of city. Returning in hotel, dinner, overnight.
Day 3. Tashkent - town of Samarkand (283 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: Tashkent - Dzhizak - Samarkand. In settlement Bulungar in front of Samarkand on road the improvised market is arranged, here at road sell apples, honey and dried cottage cheese - kurt, here it is possible to make interesting exotic photos. On site from the city of Tashkent up to the city of Samarkand in greater settlements there are gasoline stations. Arrival in Samarkand, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Walk on evening city. Overnight in hotel.
Day 4. Samarkand.
Breakfast. After breakfast in hotel the beginning of town tour. Visiting of complex Gur Emir (in translation from the Tadjik language - the Tomb of emir) - Timur's mausoleums and Timurids (XV century). Visiting of the area Registan (the Sandy place) - ensemble majestic madrasah (XV - XVII c.c.), The biggest in the Central Asia and one of the most grandiose and magnificent works of ancient builders. Lunch in the national, private house.
After lunch visiting of complex Shakhi-Zinda (the Living King) - cemetery of the Samarkand governors and the nobility.
The name leaves in depth of centuries and is connected with tomb Ibn Abby Kusam which is being inside of cemetery which was the nephew of prophet Mahammeda. Visiting of Observatory Ulugbek (1420) - here we see the rests of huge astrolabe (30 meters in height) by means of which the astronomer observed position of stars. We visit, also, the rests of three-tier observatory and ruins of ancient site of ancient settlement Afrisiyab, museum with fragments of frescos of the seventh century. Returning in hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day 5. Samarkand - town of Bukhara (360 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Samarkand - pass Tahtakarach (54 km). After Samarkand our way lays on the south, we pass numerous kishlaks which have settled down on the right and to the left of road, small Karatepa water basin located in vicinities of settlement Karatepa. It is gradually dear goes deep into spurs of Hissar mountains to pass Tahtakarach. Short stop on pass Tahtakarach, numerous dealers who sell dried fruit, honey, fruit, own hand-made articles and souvenirs, photographing of vicinities of pass here have settled down. On site from the town of Samarkand up to the town of Bukhara in greater settlements there are gasoline stations.
The further transfer: pass Tahtakarach - town of Shahrizabs (31 km). Arrival in Shakhrizabs. Short excursion on town: visiting of palace the Ak-Sarai - one of the most grandiose monuments of epoch Timurids of the end XIV - the beginnings of XV centuries, constructed in the town of Keshe (Shakhrizabs). In translation with Uzbek "Ak-Sari" - light, majestic, the name symbolizes the cloudless light future of people and greatness Sakhibkirana. «The white palace» was under construction during with 1380 for 1404. Visiting of architectural ensemble Dorus-Saodat (Dorussiadat), in translation means «The Receptacle of authority».
This memorial complex has been intended for tsarevitch Dzhahongira, later it began to be family crypt of dynasty Timurids. Visiting of funeral ensemble Dorut-Tillyavat, that in translation means «The Place of reflections», the ensemble the end XIV is dated and by the beginning of XV century is located in territory of an old cemetery in southeast part of town.
After the termination of excursion, the further transfer: Shakhrizabs - Karshi - Bukhara (275 km). Arrival in Bukhara. Transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight in hotel.
Day 6. Bukhara.
Breakfast. After breakfast the beginning of excursion on town: visiting of complex Poi Kalya with minaret Kalyan, madrasah Miri Arab and mosque Kalon Dzhumi, three dome markets Taki Zargaron (1570) - jeweller market, Taki Tellak Furushon - market of headdresses and Taki Sarrafon - market of exchange, mosque Magok-I-Attari, ensemble Lyabi Khouse consisting from Madrasah Nadir Divanbegi, Khanaka Nadir Divanbegi and Madrasah Kukeldash. Lunch at local eating house. Dinner with folklore concert in madrasah Nadir Divanbegi. Overnight in hotel.
Day 7. Bukhara (41 km).
Breakfast. Trip to the country visit of a majestic necropolis of Bakhauddin Nakshbandi (12 km) - the place of burial of the Sufi mystic of the award "Nakshbandiya" Saint Bakhauddin Nakshbandi esteemed in all 
uslim world. Visit of Sitora-Mocha Khosa (16 km) - the summer palace of the last emir of Bukhara (XIXth century).
Transfer and visit to a necropolis Chor-Bakr (X - XVI century) which is in the settlement of Sumitan in the West in the suburb of Bukhara - the "city of shadows" serving as the family residence to spiritual leaders of the award "Nakshbandiya". A lunch in teahouse “Chor-Bakr”.
Return to Bukhara. Visit of the mausoleum Chashma Ayoub (XII - XVI century), in the mausoleum is a source of holy water and the small museum. Visit of the most ancient monument in Uzbekistan - the mausoleum Samanid’s (Xth century), a family tomb of a dynasty Samanid’s. The monument is recognized as a pearl of architecture of Central Asia.
Visit of the house of the rich Bukhara merchant belonging to the first President of the Bukhara People's Republic - to Fayzullo Hodzhayev. Demonstration old times of the Bukhara clothes. A dinner at local restaurant and overnight.
Day 8. Bukhara - Khiva (454 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Bukhara - town of Gazli - Kyzyl Kum Desert - settlement of Uch-Uchak (269 km). Transfer to Khiva through the Kyzyl Kum Desert. A stop at the settlement of Uch-Uchak, a picnic lunch-boxes.
Further transfer: settlement of Uch-Uchak - town of Tortkul - town of Beruni - town of Urgench - town of Khiva (185 km). Arrival in Khiva, transfer to hotel, accommodation, dinner. Evening walk on ancient monuments, overnight.8 Day 9. Khiva.
Breakfast. An excursion across Khiva - "The museum under the open sky". Visit: fortress Ichan-Kala (VIII - XIX century), Pakhlavon Mahmoud mausoleum (XVIII - XIX century) - the main cult center Ichan-Kala, is constructed in honor of the patron saint of Khiva, the poet, the philosopher, the doctor and the invincible fighter Pakhlavan Mahmoud, a minaret and the mosque Khodja Islam (the beginning of the XXth century) - the highest minaret (57 meters with the base) and the smallest madrasah in Khiva. A lunch at local restaurant.
Continuation of an excursion across Khiva, visit of a complex of Allakulikhan, madrasah, Tim (the covered market) and a caravanserai (XVIIIth century), madrasah Hurdzhum (XVIIth century), madrasah Abdullah of Khan (XIXth century), the palace Tash-Khauli (19th century) - the palace of the khan with throne and judicial halls and a harem, Zhuma the mosque and a minaret (the XII - XX century) - a roof of the mosque support 212 carved columns, thanks to unique construction this most cool place in Khiva, with magnificent acoustics, minaret Height - 32, 5 meters.
Visit of the mausoleum Said Alauddina (XIVth century), madrasah Mahomed Amin of Khan (XIXth century) - the biggest medieval madrasah of Khiva, a minaret Kalta Minor (XIXth century) - the highest minaret in the Muslim world which height had to reach 70 meters remained not complete at the height of 26 meters, a citadel of the Kunya Ark (XIXth century) - internal fortress with office buildings, a powder workshop, the courthouse and the mosque, madrasah of Shirgazi of the khan (XVIIIth century). Dinner and overnight
Day 10. Khiva - town of Nukus - (260 km)
Breakfast. After breakfast transfer: Khiva - site of ancient settlement Toprak kala (93 km). Arrival on site of ancient settlement Toprak kala, walk in vicinities, photographing. Site of ancient settlement Toprak kala borrows the area 500 х 350 meters. The site of ancient settlement is surrounded by the fortifications reaching height 8 - 9 meters. One of quarters has been borrowed by the temple buildings which are traditionally under construction during all history of existence of town.
In other building of site of ancient settlement the horns of the ram decorated by bronze gilt bracelets - argali around of which on floor numerous gifts laid, glass vessels, ornaments, fragments of alabaster sculptures and numerous wall lists in the form of dancing fantastic masks, in hall of soldiers - figures of soldiers, hall of tsars - the sculptural image from clay of figure of tsars are found out.
The further transfer: site of ancient settlement Toprak kala - Kzyl kala site of ancient settlement (6 km). Arrival on fortress Kzyl kala, walk in vicinities, photographing. Fortress Kzyl kala is on plain and has the form of square in the sizes 65 х 63 meters. The external wall has been cut by two circles of loopholes. Kzyl kala it has been erected as defensive fortress and entered in Khorezm the strengthenings, created by the state for protection of northeast boundary of antique Khoresm. Simultaneously the fortress served as the center agricultural area and the center caravan track through mountain ridge Sultanuizdag.
The further transfer: fortress Kyz kala - necropolis Sultan Uvays (22 km). Arrival on necropolis Sultan Uvais, walk on an ancient necropolis, photographing. Sultan Uvais, on legend, was the friend and the colleague of prophet Mohammed and has arrived to the Central Asia for distribution of an islam.
The further transfer: necropolis Sultan Uvais - site of ancient settlement Dzhanpyk kala (35 km). Arrival on site of ancient settlement Dzhanpyk kala, walk in vicinities of an ancient site of ancient settlement, photographing. The site of ancient settlement has complex configuration. In east part the citadel was kept. Walls are decorated by columns and tops come to an end with arches.
The further transfer: site of ancient settlement Dzhanpyk kala - Dakhma Chilpyk (52 km). Arrival to tower Chilpyk, walk and an ascention on tower, photographing. By way of construction Chilpyk it is located on the top conic hill in height 35 - 40 meters. It has the form of circle in diameter nearby 65 - 79 meters, walls reach height of 15 meters. In II - IV centuries was will erect as dakhma, in IX - XI centuries it was used by local residents as an alarm tower.
Transfer: Dakhma Chilpyk - town of Nukus (52 km). Arrival in the town of Nukus, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 11. Nukus - settlement Muynak (201 km).
Breakfast. After breakfast transfer: Nukus - Muinak. Arrival in Muinak, visiting of local museum devoted to Aral sea and local monument - to the ship "Violent" the Aral flotilla set up on pedestal at rural settlement office. Transfer on the ship breaking yard of the Uzbek Aral flotilla at memorable obelisk «Tragedy of Aral sea», at former coast of Aral sea. A trip to settlement Uchsai (16 km). Walk on settlement.
Returning to Nukus (201 km). Transfer to hotel, accommodation, lodging for the night in hotel. 
Days 12. Nukus - town of Uchkuduk (427 km).
Breakfast. After breakfast departure Nukus. Transfer: Nukus - natural boundary Karasor (140 km). Arrival in natural boundary Karasor, walk in vicinities, photographing of the dried up lake with thick layer of salt.
The further transfer: Natural boundary Karasor - saline soil Karasor (25 km). Arrival on saline soil Karasor, walk in vicinities, photographing of saline soil Karasor.
The further transfer: saline soil Karasor - town of Uchkuduk (265 km). Arrival in the town of Uchkuduk, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 13. Uchkuduk - town of Zarafshan - settlement Zafarabad - settlement Karmana - town of Navoi - settlement Tashrabat - natural boundary Sarmysh - town of Nurata (433 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Uchkuduk - town of Navoi - mountains Nuratau - natural boundary Sarmysh (343 km). Arrival in natural boundary Sarmysh, descent in gorge. Survey of galleries cave painting. One of the most ancient figures have been created in the Stone Age. Here the primitive hunters surrounded by wild and predatory animals are represented. Late petroglyphs are executed by ritual and household stages from life of ancient people.
Pets are represented, it is lot of images of dogs, sheeps and camels. That on cave painting it is possible to distinguish camels is unique. Modern Scythian petroglyphs represent the armed soldiers, among cave painting borrow images of space newcomers - human figures in survival suits.
The further transfer: natural boundary Sarmysh - settlement Tashrabat - town of Nurata (90 km). Arrival in Nurata to the guest house, accommodation, overnight.
Day 14. Nurata - Tashkent (435 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: Nurata - Pakhtaobod - Tashkent. We by pass mountains Nurata with sulfur and thus we come nearer to the town of Dzhizak. Arrival in Tashkent, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 15. Tashkent - town of Turkestan (285 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Tashkent - check point «Gysht Kuprik» (25 km). Passage of formalities of the Uzbek and Kazakhstan customs and boundary service. Meeting on check point «Zhibek Zholy». Registration of insurance policies on vehicles.
Transfer: check point «Zhibek Zholy» - town of Turkestan (260 km). Arrival in Turkestan, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 16. Turkestan - town of Kyzylorda (312 km).
Breakfast. Visiting historical and architecturally complex of Akhmed Yasavi: gallery of stone status, cultural-historical museum, historical (cultural sanctuary) museum Azaret-Sultan, the Gates (Darvaza) XIX c., Esimkhan mausoleum (XVI c.), Rabii Sultan Begim mausoleum (XV c.), Akhmed Yassavi mausoleum (XII-XIV c.c.), Zhuma mosque (1878), underground mosque Khilovat (XII-XV c.c.), oriental bathhouses (XV-XVI c.c.). Lunch in the local eating house.
Transfer: Turkestan - site of ancient settlement Sauran (51 km). From the left party from highway, behind the railway ancient fortress Sauran (XII - XVI с.с.) In those days Sauran it is known, as strategic and trading city on river Syr-Darya. In XII century Sauran became capital of the White Horde. In XIV century Timur has transformed town into military fortress (diameter 550 - 800 meters) and its location on the Silk way promoted prosperity. The most interesting in this town were - underground channels of water. Visiting of site of ancient settlement Sauran.
Transfer: site of ancient settlement Sauran - village Zhanakorga (68 km), visiting of regional historical museum. In museum there is rich exposition ancient female ornaments, musical instruments, the governmental military awards of times of Soviet Union. Survey of monument by the victim in Great Domestic war.
Transfer: village Zhanakorgan - site of ancient settlement Sygnak (42 km). In historical books about Sygnak for the first time it is mentioned in X century though under archeologic documents the city has arisen for two centuries earlier. Survey of restored mosque-madrasah (XIII - XVII с.с.), Walk on archeological excavations of site of ancient settlement. 
Transfer: site of ancient settlement Sygnak - village Shieli (21 km). Visiting of regional history-study of local museum, survey of exposition Ibray Zhukhaev, well-known rice-grower Kazakhstan, expositions of national musical instruments.
After the ending of excursion in museum and transfer in Kyzylorda (130 km). Arrival in Kyzylorda, transfer in hotel, accommodation. Dinner at eating house of hotel, overnight.
Day 17. Kyzylorda.
Breakfast. The beginning of excursion on town Kyzylorda, visiting of regional history-study of local lore museum of town, museum has been formed in 1939, visiting of railway museum. Visiting of memorial Korkyt-Ata. According to records of scientific wise men of an antiquity, the general for all Turkic people the thinker, the orator, musician Korkyt was born also veins in VII - IX centuries in the country Bayat, in the town of Zhankent.
Visiting of the main area of town «Tagzym», landside area and railway station on which monument Gani Muratbaev - to the public figure and the leader of youth movement of Kazakhstan is located. Visiting of the oldest monument of architecture - mosques «Aitbaya», constructed in 1878 at financial support of merchant Aitbaya Baltabaev.
Visiting of the Holly-Kazan orthodox temple opened in 1896. Visiting of monument Syr-Arna and quay of the river Syrdaryi stella in the height of 40 meters representing the Kazakh girl dancing in the national order. Visiting of monument devoted to Great Domestic war.
Visiting of the main area of town, here it is located Kyzylorda the state university, visiting of monument - to three writers Kyzylorda of area Zeinulla Shakurov, Kalrai Mukhamedzhanov and Abdilda Tazhibaev, located near to the educational case Kyzykorda state university, made of concrete. Sightseeing tour on town. Returning in hotel, dinner in eating house. Overnight.
Day 18. Kyzylorda - town of Aralsk (450 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Kyzylorda - memorial complex Korkyt-Ata (168 km). It is the architectural complex, devoted to the Kazakh thinker, the philosopher, the storyteller (VII - X с.с.) to the founder of Kazakh music Korkyt-Ata. Excursion in museum and memorial complex Korkyt-Ata.
The further transfer in Aralsk (282 km). Arrival in Aralsk, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 19. Aralsk - town of Aktobe (607 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Aralsk - Aktobe. This day will be remembered for participants of round by that on this huge distance between the Aral m the town of Aktobe we see only four settlements, greatest of which will be the town of Hromtau. Arrival in Aktobe, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 20. Aktobe. 
Excursion on Aktobe: visiting of geological museum (the stone fund from 40 thousand samples of the ground of the Western Kazakhstan here is stored and studied, the natural minerals presented by samples and surprising stone creations of the nature of our region), visit to historical museum, town central area, the main mosque of the town of Nur-Gasyr, mosque Nurdaulet, visiting Saint Mikhailovskiy orthodox church, historical museum, town park of name of Nursultan Nazarbaev, avenue of heroes and memorial Eternal fire of Great Domestic war, memorial complex Aliy Moldagulova, walk on parkway of name Abay. Sightseeing tour on town. Returning in hotel, dinner in eating house. Overnight.
Day 21. Aktobe - town of Uralsk (470 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Aktobe - Uralsk (470 km). On this site of way we see only two greater settlements. Arrival in Uralsk, transfer to hotel, accommodation, overnight.
Day 22. Uralsk - Check point "Taskala"\«Ozinki» (115 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Urallsk - check point "Taskala" (115 km). Arrival on check point "Taskala", passage of formalities of boundary and customs service on the Kazakhstan part of border. Transfer on check point «Ozinki». Passage of formalities of boundary and customs service on the Russian part of border. The further transfer to Saratov.

The Program is Alexander Petrov author's program. Copying and introduction -  from the sanction of the author

Alexander Petrov