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Trading House Palvan Kari.

 The Guidebook on monuments of Khiva.

"At this time, Mulla Bennai composed and read such a rubai
I have no grain to eat.
No clothes to wear.
One who has neither food nor clothing
How can he be zealous in science and art? "

Zahir ad-Din Mohammed Babur. "Babur-Nama".

Seven Wonders of Khiva.

Trading complex Palvan Kari is in the city of Khiva, in Uzbekistan. He is constructed in 1905, by Khivan merchant Palvan Kari. In the beginning the complex specialized on sale of perfumery and fabrics from Russia - Astrakhan, Orenburg and Nizhni Novgorod.
By 1913, in "Palvan Kari" began to trade in sewing machines and to repair them. For today a building have restored, in him there is a stationary exhibition «Khoresm for years of independence».
An exhibition have organized in 2011, to the 20 anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan, to expositions it is presented about 315 subjects. The author of the thematic-exposition plan was the doctor of historical sciences K.Hudaibergenov.
The exhibition is made of photos in the field of education, development of culture, sports, a life, the industry and an agriculture of Uzbekistan for 20 years. Here products of national masters of the country, cups and the medals won by sportsmen in the championships of Uzbekistan and Asia are exposed.
Also in a building there is a bookshop and shop of souvenirs.

«Khiva city and legends» the tourist guidebook across Khiva.