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Tradition about Alasha-Khan.

The legend of Ulytau.

“One’s options in this world are as vast as the horizon, which is technically a circle and thus infinitely broad. Yet we must choose each step we take with utmost caution, for the footprints we leave behind are as important as the path we will follow. They’re part of the same journey - our story» 

Lori R. Lopez, Dance Of The Chupacabras.

Description of routes in Ulytau.

Alasha Khan is a historical figure of the XII - XIII centuries, whose name was preserved by tradition - Mike bi. One of the forty khans who arrived in Bukhara from the Crimea, Kyzyl Arystan (Red Lion) was childless for a long time.
Once the concubine gave birth to a son, whose body was covered with large spots. The eldest wife, who could not have children, envied the concubine and convinced her husband that this child was not born to good.
Khan heeded the advice and ordered the soldiers to take away the boy and his mother for the Syr Darya. 12 years have passed. Once, the son of Mikey bi Uisin, hunting in those places, met a surprisingly beautiful boy and told his father about the meeting.
Mikey bi himself wanted to talk to him, seeing him as a worthy person and adopted him. When the boy grew up, Mikey bi selected one hundred strong Dzhigits led by his son Uysun and with this retinue sent the foundling on the road, blessing with these words: “Go beyond Karatau, there you will meet the Ulytau and Kishitau mountains, the Karakengir and Sarykenengir rivers.
Stop there. Sooner or later, my adopted son should become a khan, and you will be his subjects. If the khan is wise and fair, and the people subject to him are friendly and brave, then they will be able to launch a ship by land, find the river where they need it! ”A rumor about a brave son reached Kyzyl Arystan and he sends messengers to Mike bi to return his son.
Three times Mikey bi sent a hundred horsemen for his adopted son. However, the messengers, seduced by a free life, themselves remained there. Three hundred young warriors, due to raids in distant lands, increased their livestock and grew into a mighty country of free Kazakhs.
They elected the son of Kyzyl Arystan as their khan. The future khan was put on alasha at the foot of the Ulytau mountains, and dozens of dzhigits lifted him over their heads, which meant the unanimous recognition of his khanate powers as a protege of the people.
The chosen one was given the name Alasha Khan. Alasha Khan turned out to be a wise leader. The first hundred that arrived in the Ulytau mountains under the leadership of Uysun, he called "The Senior Zhuz (one hundred) of Uysun."
The battle cry of the Elder Zhuz was the word BAHTIYAR (for happiness). One hundred, who arrived second, under the leadership of Bolat Khan, he called "Middle Zhuz". This hundred ambushed the enemy. During the military campaigns, she was near the khan himself.
The battle cry of this zhuz was the word Akzhol (For justice). The third hundred who arrived last in Ulytau under the leadership of Alshyn was called the “Younger Zhuz Alshyn”. The battle cry of the “Younger Zhuz” was the word Aldiyar (For God).

(From advertising booklets of the Zhezkazgan Museum of History of the Kazakhmys Corporation.