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Trip to Irkeshtam Pass.

Tours on passes of Kyrgyzstan.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” 

Augustine of Hippo.

Short description of a route of tour from Osh through pass Taldyk in settlement Sary-Tash:

Town of Osh - pass Chiiarchak of 2402 meters above sea level - settlement Gulcha - settlement Sufikurgan - pass Taldyk of 3615 meters above sea level - pass of 40-years of Kyrgyzstan of 3541 meters above sea level - settlement Sary-Tash - pass Too-Marun of 3536 meters above sea level - settlement Nura - check point «Irkeshtam».

Distance of route: 256 km.
Season: all the year round.
Duration of tour: 3 days, 2 nights.
Best time for a tour: May - September

Detailed description of tour from the town of Osh on pass Irkeshtam:

Tour from Pass Irkeshtam to town of Osh. 

Day 1. Osh.
Arrival in Osh, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Excursion on the town of Osh, visiting: unique natural-historical the sight of Kyrgyzstan, which survey includes mountains Suleiman-Too: Osh settlement of an epoch of bronze, to this settlement about 3 thousand years, about it archeological finds testify. Visiting of cave complex. Expositions of cave complex are devoted to religious traditions since ancient times: buddhism, shamanism, christianity and an islam.
Visiting of archeological-cultural monuments in vicinities of mountain Sulaiman-Too, at first top Sulaiman-Too is unique single-chamber mosque of the Fergana architecturally-building school XVI - XVII c.с., the mosque of prophet Suleimana (Solomon), mosque is located at height more than 150 meters on a sea level. Visiting of historical museum «Great Silk way», premise of museum shares on two halls. In the first hall an exposition, devoted to flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan.
In the second hall the exposition is devoted to history of Kyrgyzstan, since the most ancient times till now. Visiting of mausoleum Asaf Ibn Burkhiay of XVIII century which is in historical city centre Osh, near to the museum complex Sulaiman-Too located at mountain Sulaiman-Too. Visiting madrasah Alymbeka Paravanchi Datka, madrasah Mukhamedboi Turki Hal Muratbaeva these madrasah are unique samples of the Fergana architecturally-building school.
After lunch continuation of excursion on town, visiting of mosque Sadykbay, mosques Shakhid-Tepa, mosque Ravvat Abdullakhana of XVIII century, medieval bath. Visiting located in the central square of town, unique monument in the town of Osh - Russian orthodox architecture of the beginning of XX century - Mikhail-Arkhangelsk church. Visiting of the Osh market. Sightseeing tour on city. Transfer to hotel, overnight.
Day 2. Town of Osh – settlement Sary-Tash (186 km).
Breakfast. After a breakfast transfer: Osh - settlement Gulcha (83 km). On a way visiting of museum Kurmanzhan Datka in settlement Gulcha. A stop on pass. 
Transfer: settlement Gulcha  - pass Taldyk (88 km). The pass Taldyk is located in Alai a ridge. Mountain Alai the ridge was stretched from the north on the south and connects a valley of the river Gyulcha in the north with Alai a valley in the south. Height of pass of 3615 meters above sea level.
Through pass passes highway East Pamir a path, connecting the town of Osh with settlement Sary-Tash in Alai to a valley. From the north on pass the road rises a streamer. Designing and construction of road has begun in 1893 - 1894 for maintenance of military posts of Russian empire on Pamir. In good weather from pass the grandiose panorama on tops Alai of a ridge opens and snow peaks Chon-Alai of a mountain ridge in which the top of Lenin peak dominates.
Transfer: Pass Taldyk - settlement Sary-Tash (15 km). Behind settlement Sary-Tash rise on Alai a mountain ridge begins. In the beginning we rise on pass of 40-years of Kyrgyzstan of 3541 meters above sea level, in the further with which rise on the highest pass Alai of a ridge – Sary-Tash village Талдык begins. Arrival in Sary-Tash, accommodation in yurt  camp or the guest house, overnight.
Day 1. Settlement Sary-Tash  - check point «Irkeshtam» (70 km). 
Early breakfast. Transfer: village Sary-Tash -  pass Taukmurun 3563 meters above sea level  - river Kyzyl-Su - Pass 3097,2 meters above sea level - settlement Nura  - check point «Irkeshtam» 2856,7 meters above sea level - pass Irkeshtam (70 km). Arrival on Kyrgyz check point “Irkeshtam”.
Transfer: the Kyrgyz check point «Irkeshtam» - the China check point «Irkeshtam» (4 km). Going through of customs and boundary formalities on Kyrgyz and the Chinese check point «Irkeshtam". After Sary-Tash village the road gradually goes to rise in top in a valley of the river Kyzyl-Suu, well-known Alai the valley which was stretched from the West on the east from here begins. 

The checkpoint «Irkeshtam» on the Kyrgyz-Chinese border works from Monday till Friday, from 09.00 till . A lunch of customs and boundary service from 12.00 till (time local).

We ask to pay your attention!
A necessary and obligatory condition for crossing by tourists Kyrgyz-Chinese border, is, a meeting of tourists the China tourist company.

On a way from pass Irkeshtam and in vicinities of the town of Osh it is possible to visit:

- From settlement Sary-Tash it is possible to make a two-day trip under Lenin peak in natural boundary Achiktash where the camp of climbers is located,
- From the town of Osh it is possible to make an one-day trip to the town of Uzgen on the ancient mausoleums Karakhanids, ruins of a fortress and an ancient minaret.

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