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Tselinnikov Palace present of Khrushchev.

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“This city is boundless,
To know how far we are.
To live forever on the brink
New friendships and long-standing longing "

Oleg Dmtriev. "This city".

A visit to the architectural monuments of Astana.

For the first time, Nikita Khrushchev visited the vast expanses and boundless steppes of Northern Kazakhstan in 1961. He visited the Izhevsk State Farm of the Vishnevsky District, made a trip to the experimental farm of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Grain Management.
After familiarizing himself with the situation on the ground, the first leader of the Union decided to hold a meeting of the party and economic asset in Akmolinsk with the leaders of state-farm and collective farm production in Kazakhstan, to which senior officials of the Altai Territory, Western Siberia, Kurgan Region and the Orenburg region were invited.
Since it was not possible to accommodate invited guests in the hotels of the city, they lived at the station in the same cars in which they arrived for the meeting. The difficulty was in where to hold the meeting - there was no roomy room.
It was decided to urgently adapt the so-called “P” point for this, which is behind the “humpbacked” bridge (the bridge over the railway line in the northern part of the city). Item “P” is an old roomy dining room, preserved from the time of World War II.
In those years, military echelons going through the Akmolinsk station received food here. From the combination of the words “nutrition” and “foods” we got the name - item “P”. N.S. delivered a lengthy speech at the meeting. Khrushchev.
Somewhere in the middle of the speech, looking up from the text, Nikita Sergeyevich said: “My daughter also makes a trip to the virgin lands. Tatyana very much loves buckwheat: I’m gonna mess with porridge with sunflower oil.
So, virgin soil comrades, along with the crops of the “Queen of the Fields” and fodder beans, you will also have to sow such a valuable cereal crop as buckwheat. ” N. S. Khrushchev strictly exacted from those who sowed poorly corn and legumes.
The head of the party publicly said: "Corn is o
ur horse, with which we will be able to skip America for the production of meat and milk per capita." Moreover, the Secretary General persistently demanded: to cultivate it only in a square-nesting manner. This is where the saying went for a walk: “If you want to be alive, this square-nested”.
Khrushchev's retinue also included the famous journalist Andrei Adzhubei, who was married to the daughter of the first head of state. From here the people arose the following statement: "Do not have a hundred rubles, but marry, like Ajubey."
Nikita Sergeyevich was surrounded by the Minister of Construction and Building Materials of the country Zasyadko. Addressing him after a party activist meeting, Khrushchev said: “Such meetings will be held here frequently.”
Therefore, in Tselinograd it is necessary to build a good palace. - Nikita Sergeevich! Riga residents have a wonderful design of such a palace: for 2,360 seats, with a large stage, a hall and a balcony, a spacious lobby and other necessary rooms. - So take it from the Baltic states, transfer it here, take control of the construction!
- Without thinking twice, Khrushchev ordered. So the Palace of Virgin Lands, and now the Congress Hall is a wonderful gift for Khrushchev, the capital of the Bread Region ... During his second visit to Akmolinsk in 1964, Khrushchev, having visited several state farms of the Tselinograd region, decided to hold an extended republican meeting of agricultural workers with representatives Party and Soviet bodies of Kazakhstan.
Now it took place in the wonderful Palace of Virgin Lands. When the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, Dinmukhamed Kunaev, gave the floor to Nikita Sergeevich, the audience literally shuddered at the applause.
Having risen from the rostrum, Khrushchev looked around those present in the hall and on the balcony, after a minute or two said: “I look and think that this Palace of Virgin Soils can be called the younger brother of our Kremlin Palace of Congresses.”
In his comprehensive report, Nikita Sergeyevich warmly welcomed and thanked the Kazakhstanis, and especially the virgin lands, for their success in the development of agricultural production and the sale of a significant amount of bread, meat, milk and other livestock products to the state.
“The day is not far off when we will overtake the United States for the production of meat per capita,” continued Khrushchev. - We have all the opportunities for this ... Many representatives of foreign countries have long been eager to visit the vastness of Kazakhstan and see what exactly has been done there by the conquerors of virgin lands.
I believe that we should allow them such a trip to the republic. Let them come and see for themselves that virgin soil lives, develops and thrives successfully. Together with her, here we will show them Kuzkin’s mother (laughter, applause). Let them know ours!
How the conquerors of the virgin steppes turned them into a rich land, a blooming oasis – such Nikita Sergeyevich finished his speech with words. The hall led him in a stormy and long incessant ovation...

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