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Turt Shaffaz Madrasah in Khiva

 Tours over histories of ancient Khiva.

"Good and evil cannot be equal,
So repel evil with good.
And the one who feeds you hate
In the native friend will turn "

Ayat 34 of the Quran.

Hideaway in Khiva.

Madrasah it is located in Dishan-Kala, on crossing of streets R. Allaberganov and Turt Shaffaz. Construction madrasah has begun in 1875, and has been completely finished in 1885, during board Muhammad of Rakhim-khan II. It was cult memorial ensemble.
Now here there are three madrasah, a mosque, a pond, a minaret and the mausoleum. Buildings are located around of a square reservoir on which perimeter trees grow. The central part of ensemble - a mosque which has four domes, from the front party aivans which columns are decorated by woodcarving.
The mosque has a small minaret. Three enter into a complex disturbed madrasah with the immured inputs, them use as a cemetery, also as well as the mausoleum. Yaffandiyar I and it three military commanders have been buried here.
And consequently people name this complex "Turt Shaffaz" (four soldiers).

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