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Visiting of boundary and military zones in Kazakhstan

Travel to border zones of Kazakhstan.

Freedom of movement in Kazakhstan and choice of residence.

Border Areas in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has a long border with China. Its frontier provinces include some of the most marvellous untrodden regions of wilderness, such as the Bayankol Valley, Mount Khan Tengri, part of the Zhungar Alatau, Lake Alakol and part of the Altai. Travel to any of these areas requires permits and thus the assistance of a local travel agent.
There is no question of buying the necessary documents by yourself, or going without them and trying to "persuade" border zone officials to let you through. Arrangements through agencies such as Silk Road Adventures cost on average US $30 - 50 per head depending on the size of a group.
Licences must be applied for at least six weeks in advance to ensure all formalities have been finished and approved before you arrive. Agencies also offer guides, which is more than worth it for the sake of security. Unless an area is restricted, foreign citizens enjoy the freedom of movement within Kazakhstan.

The following areas are regarded as restricted:

1. Gvardeysky Settlement in Zhambylsky region.
2. Roslavl Settlement located on the border beetween Almaty and Zhambylsky regions.
3. Kurzhabasy railway track situated 10 km from Otar train station.
4. Bokeyordinsky and Zhangalinsky districts of Western Kazakhstan region.
5. Town of Priozersk, Gulshad Settlement of Karaganda region.
6. Town of Baikonur.
7. Karmakshinsky and Kazalinsky districts in Kyzylorda region.
8. All strategically restricted and classified areas.
9. Border zones with the People's Republic of China.

Crossing the State Border in Accordance with the law.

(List of Road Border Control Checkpoints of the Republic of Kazakhstan" approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated Dec 3, 2001)

It is important to bear in mind that certain road border control checkpoints are open for border crossing by citizens of any country (multilateral), whereas some checkpoints are open for border crossing by citizens of neihbouring country only (bilateral).
Below is the list of road border control check points where citizens of all countries are allowed to enter or leave Kazakhstan.

Multilateral Checkpoints:

- on the border with China: Khorgos, Dostyk, Kolzhat, Bakhty, Maykapchagay
- on the border with Russia : Kotyaevka, Tashala, Pogodayevo, Aksay, Alimbetovka, Zhaisan, Kayrak, Akbalshyk, Zhana Zhol, Karakoga, Urlitobe, Sulu Agash, Kosak, Sharbakty, Auyl, Ube Zhezkent, Bostal
- on the border with Kyrgyzia: Aisha Bibi, Novovoskresenovka, Korday, Kegen, Karasu
- on the border with Uzbekistan: Tazhen, Bozoy, Zhibek Zholy, G.Muratbayeva, Shardara, Kaplanbek
- on the border with Turkmenistan: Temirbaba.

If foreign citizen infringed the laws of Kazakhstan.

Foreign citizens are liable for infringements in connection with their sojourn in Kazakhstan, for instance: non-compliance with registration requirements, breach of rules pertaining to freedom of movement, choice of residence, transit, staying in Kazakhstan upon expiration of visa.
Offenders are subject to administrative liability, including payment of fines and/or possible deportation from Kazakhstan. Only a court of law can impose the sanctions of administrative penalties and/or deportation.
All foreign citizens are required to carry identification documents on their person or copies there of while in Kazakhstan.

We ask you to take into your account above information.