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Visitor center "Bird's Paradise" in Korgalzhyn Reserve.

Tour of Bird's Paradise visitor center.

“And that’s why I am my land
All its dawns are lit
I am his undisclosed sunset
I am both a resident and its guardian
strict night."

"Steppe". Zhuban Moldagaliev.

Visit to Bird's Paradise visitor center.

Bird Paradise visitor center is located at an altitude of 332 meters above sea level, located in administrative building of Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve in village of Korgalzhyno in district of same name in southwestern part of Akmola region. 
The Bird Paradise Visitor Center is the calling card of the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve, a place where visitors can get all the available information about this unique territory. The visitor center of the Korgalzhyn Natural Park is intended to become an environmental and educational center not only for the local population, but also for residents and guests of the capital of the entire country.
The visitor center is the starting point for the ecological routes. The visitor center consists of a central and water hall, a steppe hall, a winter garden, a magical corridor of legends, a children's environmental education room, and a cinema hall.
The main or leading topics of the educational center contain information about what makes this protected area unique, interesting, and famous. 
Central hall of Bird's Paradise visitor center in Korgalzhyn Reserve: 
gives visitors an idea of the wetlands, their role in the life of all life on the planet, the significance of the Teniz-Korgalzhyn lakes in the life of nesting and migratory birds, including one of the most unusual birds, the flamingo, which is the symbol and emblem of the reserve.
All dioramas with birds are equipped with television screens with sound devices so that visitors can not only see, but also hear these birds. 
History Hall of Bird's Paradise Visitor Center in Korgalzhyn Reserve: 
tells and shows about the development of the Korgalzhyn Reserve, the prerequisites for the creation of the reserve, its organization and history of development. Next comes a corridor with fabulous and bright stained glass windows.
The unusual wall painting enhances the impressions received about the history, culture and ethnography of the region. The guide introduces visitors to the fascinating legend of the creation of local lakes. 
Hall of steppes of Bird's Paradise visitor center in Korgalzhyn Reserve: 
The circular route through this hall runs along dioramas showing the fauna of the steppes. The large diorama with saigas especially attracts attention. All dioramas are equipped with television screens with sound devices so that visitors can not only see, but also hear the voices of animals.
We will offer you an interesting and skillfully shot film about marmots, filmed in the local steppes by a German director. 
Water hall of Bird's Paradise visitor center in Korgalzhyn Reserve: 
the first thing you learn in this room is how the system of Teniz-Korgalzhyn lakes was created, and the importance of the reserve’s retaining dams. The “Water Route” passes through the main lakes, channels, and rivers of the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve and introduces visitors to their inhabitants; the voices of swans, pelicans, ducks and waders are heard.
The “Underwater World” diorama invites you to sink to the bottom of the lake and admire its inhabitants. At the end, a beautiful “video show” awaits you. On one white screen, images of beautiful protected landscapes, plants and animals appear accompanied by music.
At the same time, on the other side there are smoking chimneys, steppe fires, the banks of rivers and lakes polluted with garbage. The contrast of what you see makes you think about what you can do to preserve nature.
The brightest, most colorful and interesting is the children's environmental education room, where children can play and at the same time better learn and understand natural processes using modern interactive and gaming methods.
There is an outdoor playground for children. The Visit Center has a cinema hall where those interested can watch a popular science film about the Tengiz-Korgalzhyn lake system “Secrets of the reserved land”. Filming took place over a year and a half.
The filmmakers managed not only to show the life of local inhabitants in all seasons, but also, using animation, to tell about the history of the reserve and the legends of the region. 
Souvenir shop of Bird's Paradise visitor center in Korgalzhyn Reserve
here you can buy souvenirs, postcards, booklets, and badges with nature reserve symbols. 
Opening hours of “Bird Times” visitor center in Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve: 
Working days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Closed: Monday, Tuesday.
Working hours: 10:00 -13:00 / 15:00 -18:00 hours.
Lunch break: 13:00 - 15:00 hours.
The cost of an adult ticket is 400 tenge, a child ticket is 200 tenge, and free admission for preschoolers. 
Address of visitor center "Bird's Paradise" of Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve: 
Korgalzhyn village, st. M. Rakhimzhan 20, in the administrative building of the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve. 
Geographic coordinates of Bird's Paradise visitor center: N50°35'04 E70°01'09

Alexander Petrov.

Photos by:
Alexander Petrov.