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Weeping cave in Mashat canyon.

Excursion to Mashat canyon.

"Going on vacation, take half the things and twice the money"

Drive to Weeping Cave in the Mashat Canyon.

The Weeping Cave is located in the central part, on the right side of the Mashat canyon in the Keltemasht rural district, Tyulkuba district of the Turkestan region at an altitude of 599 meters above sea level. The western part of the canyon is formed by the Karasakal and Shoshka Bulak mountains, which with their eastern slopes break off into the Mashat canyon.
The Weeping Cave is a local tourist and natural attraction, located 300 meters above the rest house, on the left side of the river. The cave itself on the cliff of the steep slope is not visible, the object looks more like a depression, a canopy or a small grotto.
The cliffs of the cliff are composed of karst rocks overgrown with moss and lichens, among the cracks of which, several springs with clear and transparent water flow. The streams of water form attractive curtains like threads of water.
If you look closely, you can distinguish the contours of a human face, which form depressions in the slope. There are several legends about the Weeping Cave in the Mashat Canyon. All the legends are based on the sad story of two lovers who were not allowed to be together.
The girl, not finding a way out of the situation, threw herself down the mountain and turned into a river that flows quickly and never stops. The young man, having lost his beloved, turned into a rock by the river, where a small cave was formed, which has since been called crying.
At the bottom of the cliff there is a large number of metal pipes through which water is supplied to the needs of the holiday home. The Golden Key pioneer camp used to be located here. The pioneer camp "Golden Key" was built in the 70s of the XX century by the forces of the Sostobinsky cement plant and the management of the Chimkent airport.
In total, 13 pioneer camps were built in the Mashat gorge from the 60s to the 70s. An AN-24B aircraft was installed on reinforced concrete bollards in the central part of the pioneer camp, which were delivered here on the external sling of a huge helicopter.
There was a cinema on the plane.
Geographic coordinates of the Weeping Cave in Mashat Canyon: N42 ° 25'31.27 "E70 ° 01'28.66"

Authority and photos:
Alexander Petrov.