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Zhambyl drama theater.

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Zhambyl regional Kazakh Drama Theatre named after Abay has a long and very interesting history. The theater was founded on January 5, 1936 in Aulie-Ata (Taraz) as a collective and statetheater. 
The theater opened its doors to visitors on 16 March 1936, its creative path started withperformance of one-act comedies, "daughter-in-law and mother-in-law" by J. B. Mailin and"Bride" by K. Kyrkymbaeva. 
The first artistic director and director of the theater were RamishAbrahmanov, Maksut Maytanov, J.Argynbaev had became the director of the theater since 1938.A number of big-names of Kazakh artists constituted the troupe right after its opening, but mostly it was made of young and talented artists.
The actors J.Abyzbaev, S.Abyzbaeva, S.Atamkulov, K.Kasymbekov, F.M.Nurumova, Sh.K.Sakiev, M.J.Tabanov, O.Turumkulov, S.Umbetbaev and many others played at the theater. The theater won the love of the audience and attention of critics and experts from its firstproductions. 
In 1940, the theater was reorganized in Zhambul regional Kazakh Drama Theater,and it was named after Abay in 1945. Creative achievements of the theater were marked in 1966 and the theatrical group was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR. 
A lot of performancesof various contents were staged there during the long years of its existence, there were brightproductions of classical works, and there were contemporary plays dictated by time andcircumstances. 
In such a way, the performance of N.F. Pogodin "Kremlin Chimes" (the artists A.Tokpanov and S.Rakishev played the role of Lenin) appeared on the stage, this direction wasawarded the diploma of the Republican show of drama theaters in 1970.
The history of the theater has all-union achievement, for instance the direction "Old manShanshar" by A.Kaldybaev was awarded a 1st degree diploma of all-Union show of performancesfor children and youth in 1980.
In 1966 and 1976, the troupe successfully went on tours in Alma-Ata. The audience was able to see performances of the works of Kazakh writers on the stage of Zhambyl Drama Theatre named after Abay: "Glasses" and "Orders of Tastanbay" by J. B. Mailin,"Enlik - Kebek", "Ayman Sholpan", "Night rumble", "Karakypshak Koblandy" and "Karagoz" byM.O. Auezov. 
Musical performances: "Er Targyn" and "Kiz Zhibek" by E.G.Brusilovsky, "Arshin mal alan" by U.A. Gadzhibekov. Translations of Russian, Soviet and foreign drama: "Intrigue and Love" by F. Schiller, "The Servant of Two Masters" by K.Goldoni, "Inspector" and "Marriage" by N.V.Gogol, "Guilty Without Guilt" by A.N. Ostrovsky, "Bug" by V.V. Mayakovsky and many others.
The theater has changed its name several times over the years of its existence, so due to the change of the transcription of the name of Dzhambyl region into Zhambyl region in 1993, the theater was renamed as Zhambyl regional Kazakh Drama Theatre named after Abay.
Since 1938 320 performances in various genres were staged in Zhambyl regional Drama Theaternamed after Abay. Today, the theater continues to delight audiences with new and interestingworks. 
The premiere of the play "Tole byi" of the eponymously-named drama of Zhambyl writerElena Alimzhan can be highlighted among the last performances of the theater. The show wascreated especially for the 350th anniversary of the great byi, whose name is revered by the people, becoming an example of wisdom and vitality, loyalty to the chosen path of justice and goodness once and for all time. 
This performance took place in The theater with great successand enjoys the special attention of viewers.