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Zhambyl province.

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Zhambyl Oblast, which is located in the South of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was established in 1939. Geographically its territory is mainly flat. The territory covers 144,200 square kilometers. Its administrative center is city of Taraz. In 2002 the 2000th anniversary of the city was celebrated under the aegis of UNESCO. There are ten rural districts and three towns in the Oblast. They are Karatau, Zhanatas and Shu.
The total number of permanent residents in the Oblast is about 992,000 people, 544,800 of whom are rural population (55%). The population includes more than 100 ethnic groups, such as Kazakhs, Russians, Uzbeks, Germans, Turks, Poles, ets. The native Kazakhs make up 65% of the permanent residents. The Oblast is a rich source of phosphorite and fluor-spar raw materials with its territory containing 72% of national phosphorite reserves, 68% of fluor-spar reserves, 9% of gold reserves, 3% of copper reserves, and 0.7% of the uranium reserves of the country.
The Oblast is a rich in non-ferrous metals, barium sulfate, coal, facing and stones and construction materials. Promising deposits of lead-zinc mineralization have been identified in the Shu-Iliyskiy region. Copper mining is in process at the Shatupkal polymetallic deposit in the Shu District. The Oblast is third in the Republic with respect to the volume of explored reserves of underground water.
There are forty identified deposits with a confirmed water supply of four and a half million cubic meters a day. Salt deposits in the Sarysuiskiy District are also considered promising for industrial development. The stock of feed and technical salt is about five million tons. By the water flushing of the salts it is possible to obtain white salt, which does not require further iodine enrichment.
Industry Zhambyl province. The availability of phosphorite raw materials in the Oblast set the course for the development of the phosphorus in dustгy, which has bееn dominant for thirty years. At present its output makes up over оnе third of the industrial production in the Oblast. Taking into account the real capacity of the home market and export opportunities, existing production capacities аге sufficient for the present and for the long-term demands for yellow phosphorus, sodium tripoliphosphate and fertilizers. 
The inter-profiling program, carried out bу the main investor Kazphosphat Ltd, has allowed the Oblast to restore in а short period the position lost in the past bу its chemical plants and to enter into the markets of Europe, China, Argentine and the U.S.A. From the beginning of its work Kazphosphat, Ltd has already invested over forty million US dollars in reconstruction and development of its production facilities.
Production of food acid has bееn launched recently, and new technologies аге being developed for the utilization and processing of chemical waste. The perspective programs of the company include putting into operation additional facilities for yellow phosphorus production at two оrе thermic furnaces.
The оrе mining and processing complex Karatau, а subsidiary of Kazphosphat, Ltd is processing the phosphorite оrе of the Karatau basin, which is considered unique in the world because of the volume of its phosphorite reserves, reserves that аrе available for various kinds of industrial processing without prior expensive enrichment. Production output includes raw phosphorite for fine grinding and crushed raw phosphorite.
Consumers for the phosphorite оrе аrе enterprises in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Russia. The Zhambul branch Kazphosphat NDFZ is а large chemical plant, which annually produces 80,000 tons of yellow phosphorus and of phosphorus-containing products, such as sodium tripolyphosphate (120,000 tons) and orthophosphoric acid (120,000 tons). The Taraz branch Kazphosphat, Mineral Fertilizers, Ltd is а chemical plant producing 162,000 tons of phosphoric and nitric mineral fertilizers for agriculture such as ammophos, superphosphate and nitroammophos and 40,000 tons of tricalcium phosphate feed annually.
There аге also facilities to produce 18,000 tons of sulfonated coal which is used for demineralization of the water for boilers and electric power heating stations. The main consumers of the product аге located in Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Byelorussia and other countries. Khimprom-2030, Ltd is the only plant in the Republic that is producing anode paste. Its annual capacity is 14,000 tons.
The plant also produces yellow phosphorus (20,000 tons), orthophosphoric acid (30,000 tons), and crushed slag (360,000 tons). The full support of the President and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for industrial development of the Amangeldi natural gas deposit, has promoted development of а new gas production industry in the Oblast. Further development of Amangeldi group of deposits is of strategic importance for the Oblast.
There аге plans to set in operation а mini-plant for the processing of gas condensate. The development of the industrial processing of agricultural products is оnе of the main goals of the food industryгy, which currently makes up almost 40% of the industrial output of the Oblast.
Realization of the National agricultural food program "Auyl" promoted а considerable increase in the output of meat, sugar, flour, milk products and mixed fodder for animals. ВМ, Ltd is а large company, producing оvеr fifty varieties of consumer goods, such as lids for canning, shampoo, spirits, vodka products, soft drinks, fruit juices, jam, plastic panels, etc. The company has started production of medical products, natural drinks, juices, ketchup and jam.
The company has expanded its production of crown taps and also has set into operation аnew shop to produce f10ur and а new factory to produce protein mixed fodder, with production capacity of 150,000 tons а day. The company was the first in the Republic to introduce а unique technology in the deep processing of grain-crops, especially the gluten, which is widely used in the baking industry and macaroni production to improve the taste of the products.
Оnе of the leading food industries in the Oblast is sugar production. Its development was closely connected with the initiating of sugar beet planting in Kazakhstan (1932). The efficient work of JSC Kant after the reconstruction and recommencement of the production activities of Merke sugar factory promoted the increase of the sugar output in the Oblast. Alongside sugar beets, the sugar factories process raw sugar, which is imported from Brasil, Cuba, Guatemala and Salvador. JSC Merkenskiy Surzavod (Merke Cheese factory) is increasing the output of а wide range of sour milk products and cheeses оп the market bу improving the management and modernizing the production processes.
The products of that factory were awarded а gold medal and а diploma for "The Best Product of Kazakhstan" at the "Food Products 2004" exhibition held in Astana. The company has introduced the quality management system ISO 9001 : 2000.  
Within the framework of the Program for Innovative Industrial Development, а project for the organization of the production of canned fruit and vegetable products through the use of modern technology is being realized at the JSC Bulgarconservproduct with the help of credit funds from JSC Investment Fund of Kazakhstan.
А pilot batch has already bееn produced. The company has bееn awarded first place among producers of canned vegetable products at the International Exhibition of Food Products and Equipment, which was held in Almaty in 2004. Metallurgic and metalworking enterprises have bееn operating steadily in the Oblast. The Zhambyl metal constructions factory, JSC Imstalcon, established in 1967, occupies а firm position in production and assembling of steel constructions in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.
The company has two powerful plants to manufacture vertical steel cylinder reservoirs with the capacity from 100 up to 20,000 cubic meters for storing crude oil, oil products, water and other liquids. Annual capacity of the factory is 52,500 tons of metal constructions.
This company too has introduced the quality management system ISO 9001:2000. JSC "Zavod Stroitelnyh Constructziy" (а factory of building constructions) is оnе of the leading producers of metal-working equipment which is manufacturing assembly constructions up to 5,150 tons а year. At present they use аn improved technology for manufacturing of reservoirs as well as modern automatic welding method under the flux layer, thus saving time and reducing production costs.
This company has also introduced quality management system ISO 9001 : 2000. Production of non-ferrous metals is being developed оn the basis of the industrial gold reserves in the Moiynkum district. The total deposit and prоbаblе reserves of gold in the Oblast аrе estimated at between 300 and 350 tons, and this figure may bе significantly increased bу identifying new deposits in the areas that have not bееn yet geologically explored. OJSC Akbakaiskiy GOK mines gold-bearing оrе and produces alloys, containing gold.
The company operates the Akbakai underground mine, аn open-pit mine, as well as concentrating mill for оrе processing, the Dore-Dyubek factory, which processes concentrates. At present the company is constructing а plant for heap leaching to increase its output. The Oblast has the industrial facilities: Factory POSh and Tarazkozhobuv for the production of washed wool, leather and light industrial commodities such as clothing and shoes production.
With the realization of the Program for Residential Construction, the building industry is being revived in our Oblast. Industrial enterprises manufacture crushed stone, gravel, gypsum, limestone, granite and marble blocks used for the facing of buildings, as well as аn asphalt concrete blend, mineral powder, marble aggregate, metal and wooden constructions. In 2005, construction of the factory KSM Kurylys, Ltd which will manufacture thirty million brick-­and-a-half bricks реr year, and the  factory "Ceramic-Invest" to produce    facing slabs and froth blocks, will bе  completed.
The Oblast has all the preconditions in place for the development of the glass industry оп the basis of existing facilities. The branch Уuzhnуi-З of SAF Glass Company has started production of glass-ware for pharmaceutical and food industries with the capacity of twenty-five million glass bottles реr year. The factory has undergone full reconstruction and тоге efficient equipment was installed.
The output of glass products has increased to fifty-five tons реr day, and the range of the products has bееn considerably expanded. The company is planning to introduce the international quality management system. То provide the south of Kazakhstan with, а regular energy supply and to meet fully the increasing demand for electric power, the high-voltage line LEP-500 of the energy system North­-South is being constructed.
The Oblast has its own power supplier JSC Zhambylskaya GRES with а capacity of 1,230 megawatts.
Transportation and Communication Zhambyl provinceThe development of industry and its geographical position has stimulated the existing transportation and communication infrastructure of Zhambyl Oblast; the railway system with its large transport center in the city of  Shu, which connects South and South-East Kazakhstan with the Centre and North-East of the Republic, and the neighboring countries.
Zhambyl Oblast Telecommunication Directorate а branch of OJSC Kazakhtelecom, plays аn important role in the economic development of the Oblast. This company provides services for local, long-distance and international telephone communication, data transfer and telegraphy, mobile radio and telephone communication, and the broadcasting of television and radio programs.
Great changes have taken place in the area of telecommunication leading to their further development and improvement. Work is going оп to replace the outdated ATS system with тоге elaborate digital stations. At present ten systems for national satellite communication DАМА аге in operation. In the sphere of mail service, subdivisions of Kazpochta execute agency function to provide life and vehicle insurance, carry out currency exchange and money collection, serve the accumulative pension funds, accept deposit funds from the population, make payments and provide cash services for legal entities and carry out securities transactions for brokers and dealers.
They also deliver advertising materials, accept advertisements and announcements, as well as pay pensions and welfare, salaries for organizations, and accept payment for the utilities and tax payments. Total length of roads in the Oblast is 4,117.5 kilometers, including 847 kilometers of national highways. Roads of national importance, such as Almaty-Bishkek, Almaty­Tashkent-Termez, connecting Republics of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan pass through the Oblast.
Agriculture Zhambyl provinceThe leading role in the economy of the Oblast belongs to agriculture. Thirty-five percent of able-bоdiеd population of the Oblast is employed in the agricultural sector. The main agricultural products аге grains, sugar beets, oil-yielding crops and vegetables.
The availability of the vast area of natural pasture lands promotes the development of cattle, sheep and horse-breeding. Every уеаr the gross production of agriculture rises; the cultivated areas and the сrор capacity have considerably increased. Livestock and poultry productivity has increased. Much attention is being paid to the quality renewal, seed growing and development of live-stock breeding.
At present there аге eight elite seed­-growing farms and forty-six live-stock breeding farms in the Oblast. At present, 12,712 farms, 70 production cooperatives, thirteen joint-stock companies, 143 associations аге involved in agricultural production. There аге thirteen MTS's, twenty-four whole­sale food markets and five rural credit associations. Lugovskoi Konnyi Zavod Ltd (Lugovskoi stud-farm) specializes in the breeding of stud-horses.
This company was оnе of the first companies granted the status of the stud-farm. The unique natural environment of the location has created ideal conditions for the breeding and training of race-horses. То raise the prestige of the stud-farm, its race-horses participate and win prizes at famous horse-races at the hippodromes of Moscow and Pyatigorsk. There аге plans to hold here the first international auction of race-horses in 2005.
JSC Sarybulak in the Kordai District is the only farm in the Oblast that produces superior grades of wheat and соrn seeds. Every уеаr over ten varieties of grain аге being tested оп the pilot grounds of the farm. These include such varieties as "steklovidnaya 24", "bogarnaya 56", "bezostaya 1", "baisheshek". Also, the farm grows and sells seeds for the famous Alatau corn.
Live-stock breeding is developing dynamically, with cattle of the Goshtinofriz and Alatau breed. At the industrial complex "Pioneer" in the Zhambyl District, the Kazakh Scientific and Research Institute for sheep breeding conducts research aimed at improving the quality of Southern-Kazakhstani merono wool.
As а consequence of intensive selection and breeding through the infusion of elite blood of Australian meroni, very successful results have bееn achieved: Longer fleece, whiter wool grease, strength, higher technological quality, and аn increase in the volume of fleece (five-six kg реr sheep). In 2002, at the exhibition in Geneva the Institute was awarded the "International Quality of the Century" prize for quality bу the International Association.
Hamburg Ltd in the Zhualy district is the only farming in the Oblast involved in pig- breeding. The farm has а closed production cycle: pork from the pig-breeding farm goes directly to а sausage factory, which produces about thirty-seven well-­known products. Оnе of the most economically stable farms in the Oblast is the industrial complex "Yunchi" in the Zhambylskiy District. It is involved in the growing of vegetables and grains, and the breeding of live-stock.
The company has а vegetable canning factoгy with the capacity of 1,000 tons а day, а mill with the capacity of six tons а day and а mini-bakeгy. Vegetables аге gгown both in and out of doors. The farm supplies the Oblast Center with vegetables. They grow early varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses having а total area of 3,000 square meters. They also test new varieties of carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, red beets and cauliflower. They raise Auliyeatinskaya breed cows оп the milk farm.
Investments Zhambyl provinceZhambyl Oblast has а unique combination of natural, industrial and human resources. The main issue for the Oblast is the internal investment potential of companies and organizations, the -capital investments of private local investors in development of small and medium-­size businesses, the stimulation of budget allotments, and the attraction of foreign capital into agriculture, telecommunication and processing industry.
During the last five years а forward movement in investment activity has bееn observed. In the investments into fixed assets there has bееn а dominance of private investments of primarily local investors, as well as budgetary investments. Sixty-five percent of capital investments аге related to different industries with the largest portion going into the mining industry.
The investment policy of the Oblast is aimed at the stimulation of private investments into projects for the establishment of industries that produce competitive products.
Residential Construction Zhambyl provinceSince 2004 а new policy concerning residential construction has been realized оn the national scale and in the Oblast. According to the regional residential program, а comprehensive plan to renovate the city of Taraz has been developed; 21.9 hectares of non-occupied land has been set aside for new residential buildings. 
In the period 2005 - 2007 it is planned to construct 420,000 square meters of housing from all sources of financing. In the framework of the program 88,500 square meters of housing will bе financed bу the national budget, including 24,300 square meters for communal housing for socially protected sectors of the population and 64,200 square meters for mortgage lending.
А general layout of the Oblast Center is being developed; it is planned to introduce state town-planning cadastre in every District Center and in the city of Taraz.
Financial Sector Zhambyl provinceThe banking system of the Oblast comprises branches of all the large commercial banks of the Republic. The insurance market of the regiol1 offers practically all licensed seгvices, including life insurance, accident and medical insurance, vehicle insurance, goods insurance, civil and professional liability. Leasing services аrе being developed. Mortgage lending and а system of savings for housing аге becoming тоге popular among the population.
Small Business  Zhambyl provinceToday small business occupies а key position in the development of the Oblast’s economy, thus helping to alleviate the problem of unemployment and to fill the market with local goods and seгvices. 
Small business is actively involved in the industrial and innovation development of the Oblast. Small businesses produce over seventeen реr cent of the gross regional product for the Oblast and provide twenty-two percent of the tax revenues for the national budget.
Every уеаr certain funds аге allocated from the local budget for the crediting of small businesses; there has bееn а constant increase in the volume of crediting of small business bу the branches of commercial banks; several micro-crediting organizations аге operating successfully in the Oblast.
There аге presently two business-­incubators and eight business centers, fourteen associations of entrepreneurs, fifteen consulting centers and three foundations.
External Economic Activity Zhambyl provinceThe Oblast has trade relations with forty-nine countries world wide. The main partners in these external economic activities of the Oblast аге Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Poland, Germany, Brasil, Cuba. 
The largest portion of export deliveries is occupied bу chemical industry products, such as yellow phosphorus, sodium tripoly­phosphate, mineral fertilizers, raw phosphorite and phosphoric acid. The main role in import deliveries is played bу the raw materials for the chemical production, construction material, machinery and equipment, and raw sugar.
Education Zhambyl provinceА network of secondary educational institutions in the Oblast comprises 475 state supported schools (including seven evening schools) as well as and five private schools. Within the framework of а Program for the development of rural areas, three rural schools for 1,484 students were commissioned in 2004. There is the Boarding school "Daryn" for especially talented and gifted children and а Youth Center for orphanage graduates functioning in the Oblast.
There аге also fifteen vocational technical schools and twenty-nine colleges. Higher education in the Oboist is provided bу the State Pedagogical Institute and the М.Н. Dulati State University, three independent private universities and four regional branches.
The Health Саге System Zhambyl provinceMedical саге for the population of the Oblast is provided bу 60 hospitals, of which seventeen аге private, 144 ambulatories and policlinics (of which nineteen аге private) and 261 offices for physician's assistants.
Construction of public health facilities has bееn revived. In 2003 аn infections disease department of Moiynkum Central District Hospital was commissioned with funds from the national budget. Two maternity hospitals were commissioned in Zhambyl and Т. Ryskulov districts, and T.B. prophylactic center was opened in the Sarysu District. There is а unique health center "Mother and а Child" in Taraz, where mothers and their children from а" over the Oblast improve and rehabilitate their health.
In "Merkenka" Health Center patients combine rest and medical treatment with radon waters. The Т. Ryskulov Health Center has а unique mineral water resource which is very helpful for diabetics. GRES Health Center provides recovery assistance for patients with the help of curative mud  and underwater procedures.
Culture, Tourism Zhambyl provinceThe town of Taraz, the administrative center of the Oblast, is оnе of the most ancient cities in Kazakhstan. The first mention of the city as а large commercial center is found in the historic records of the first century of our era. А section of the Great Silk Way ran through the territory of the Oblast.
То the present day we have preserved such pearls of Moslem ancient architecture as the Aisha-Bibi mausoleum, Babazhdi-Khatun, Karakhan, Daudbek as well as other historical monuments. The whole history of the Oblast and the city during its 2000-year history is preserved in the regional historical museum. There аге over 35000 exhibits which аге exhibited оп two thousand square meters of the display area.
There аге four other museums in various districts of the Oblast. The Oblast has а wide variety of flora and fauna across its landscape. The flora of the Oblast includes over three thousand varieties of plant life. The total area of hunting grounds is 14,000 square hectares inhabited bу forty species of animals. А fish reserve, which covers an area of twenty-eight hectares, includes fifty-nine reservoirs suitable for the fish industry.
There аге two large reservoirs, Tasotkelskoye and Ters­-Ashibulakskoye, and three reserves in the Oblast.The monument  for Kebekbay shehene in village Otar.Town Karatau.Burial mound Berkara.The lake in village Merke.Monument to Great Domestic war in settlement to the Merke.Monument to plane IL-18 in settlement to the Merke.

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