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Tour to the Bayanaul park.

Tour from Pavlodar to Semipalatinsk.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end»

Ursula K. Le Guin. «The Left Hand of Darknes».

Short description of the study tour from Almaty to Bayanaul:

Almaty - Karaganda - Bayanaul Nature Park - Pavlodar - Almaty.

The distance of the route by car: 631 km.
Season: May - September.
Duration of the tour: 6 days, 5 nights.
Best time for the tour: July - August.

Detailed program to Bayanaul Park and Pavlodar:

A trip from Bayanaul park to Pavlodar.

Day 1. Almaty.
Arrival in the city of Almaty. Meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Relaxation. Breakfast. City tour, visit: 28 Panfilov’s park, Cathedral, Musical Instrument Museum, National Museum of Kazakhstan, Medeo valley, Republic Square (4 hours). Lunch at a local restaurant, after lunch, rise by the cable way to Mount Kok-Tyube, walk around Kok-Tobe, a bird's-eye view of Almaty. Return to the hotel, dinner, overnight.
Day 2. Almaty - Karaganda - Dolinka village (74 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport, departure to Karaganda, arrival. Meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation. City tour, a visit to the Karaganda Regional Museum of History and Local Lore. The museum is the largest museum in the area.
The museum was opened in November 1932. In 1936, the museum’s funds were replenished with a collection of archaeological finds sent by an expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Visit to the regional mosque - a cultural and scientific center located in the ethnographic park named after the 10th anniversary of Independence.
Visit to the Pitmen’s Palace of Culture located on Bukhar-Zhyrau Avenue. The construction of this magnificent palace began in 1940. On the pediment of this building there are six sculptures: a miner, a builder, a shepherd with a lamb, a collective farmer with a sheaf of wheat, Kazakh singer with a dombra and a warrior. Here is a visit to the monument Miner's Glory.
A visit to the Ecological Museum, this is a one-of-a-kind museum; its opening was in 1995. A visit to the cathedral in the name of the Vvedeniya into the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the construction of this temple was started in 1991, ended in 2000. A visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, in the museum you can see the painting of Karaganda, arts and crafts.
Transfer: Karagandy - Aktas village - Dubovka village - Dolinka village (37 km). Arrival in the village of Dolinka, a visit to the museum in memory of victims of political repression. Return to Karaganda. Transfer to the hotel, dinner, overnight.
Day 3. Karaganda - Bayanaul National Park - Lake Zhasybai (270 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Karaganda - Kokpekty village - Botakara village - Kerney village - Egindybulak village - Bayanaul village - Zhasybai lake. Lunch is on the way. On the way, visit the eastern coast of Lake Sabandykol. Soon, approaching the Bayanaul mountains, we will see the highest mountain of the park - Akbet. Arrival at Lake Zhasybai, hotel accommodation, a walk around the lake, dinner, overnight.
Day 4. Bayanaul Nature Park (54 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Lake Zhasyby - Mount Nayzatas (Bulka) (8 km). The mountain Naizatas resembles the shape of a mammoth, according to experts, one of the largest monoliths of the Kazakh small hills. Mount Nizatas consists of coarse-grained granite and has a characteristic pronounced stone block of a bizarre shape. Walk around.
Transfer: Mount Nayzatas - Kempir tas rock (Baba Yaga) (3 km). Kempir tas rock consists of coarse-grained granite and has a characteristic pronounced stone block of a bizarre shape from different angles, reminiscent of the heroine of Russian folk tales - Baba Yaga.
Transfer: rock Kempir tas (Baba Yaga) (3 km) - a lake and the village of Toraigyr (6 km). Lake Toraigyr is located at the foot of the northern slope of the Bayanaul mountains. The total catchment area is 12.9 square kilometers, the surface area of ​​the water surface is 1.9 square kilometers. The length of the lake is 1 kilometer 775 meters, the largest width is 730 meters. A walk in the vicinity, a visit to the spring in the village of Toraigyr and the mausoleum of the poet Toruaygyrov.
Transfer: Lake Toraigyr – Saiman tas rock (14 km). Mount Saimantas consists of coarse-grained granite and has a characteristic distinctive stone block of a bizarre shape. From different angles, male affiliation, in natural performance with the help of the god Aeolus (god of the winds), fantastic inventions of the human mind, is a miracle created by nature. Walk around.
Transfer: Saiman tas rock - Aulietas cave (4 km). Walk to the Aulietas cave, the cave is very cool and damp.
Transfer: Aulietas cave - Zhasybay lake (16 km). Arrival at the lake Zhasybai, transfer to the hotel, dinner, overnight.
Day 5. Lake Zhasybai - the town of Pavlodar (235 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Lake Zhasybai - Maykain village - Kalkaman village - Pavlodar town (230 km). Arrival in Pavlodar, transfer to hotel, accommodation, lunch. Sightseeing tour of the town: visiting the town museum, the central square of the town, the Christian church, the Irtysh embankment. Dinner, overnight at the hotel.
Day 6. Pavlodar - Almaty.
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport, departure to Almaty.

Nature park of Bayanaul.Rock Naizatas.Rock Saimantas.Road to lake Zhasybai.Environs rock Naizatas.Rock Kempir tas.

Author program of Alexander Petrov. Copying and introduction -  from the sanction of the author  petrovsra@mail.ru

Photos by
Alexander Petrov