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Alay valley.

To Lenin peak through mountains Pamiro-Alay.

In southern Kyrgyzstan, near the border with Tajikistan, is a mountain Alay valley. From Osh it is possible to get on by the famous Pamir highway from Osh to Khorog. Although this road for almost its entire length does not fall below 2000 meters above sea level, the movement on it is very tense.
The tract is supplied industrial goods, food and feed to the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan, also traded with neighboring Tajikistan. 160 kilometers from Osh Pamir highway crosses the crest of the Alai and soon offers magnificent views of the Alai valley.
This Alpine basin with a length of 190 km and a width of 25 - 40 km, located at altitudes of 2500 to 3200 meters above sea level, bounded from North and South by two majestic mountain ranges - Alai and Zaalayskiy, is like the Northern eaves of the Pamirs.
There is evidence that this valley was known by Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant and traveler of the thirteenth century. He described it as the area of the fat pastures, where "most skinny bastard you get too fat... in ten days."
First explored the Alai valley famous Russian traveler A. P. Fedchenko, who visited her in 1871. To him belongs the honor of the discoverer of Alay range and its highest peak, now called Lenin peak.
In the Central part of the valley from East to West flows the river Kyzyl-Su. The valley climate is harsh and dry. The peculiar fauna of the Alai valley. There are stone partridges, snow cocks, foxes, wolves, unique Alai red marmot in the past there were pheasants. In inhabits the rivers Amu Darya trout anywhere in Kyrgyzstan no longer occurs.
In the highlands there are leopards, bears, argali and Teke. Special beauty Alai valley gives towering over her, the snow-covered down to the bottom, the bulk of Alay range. In an unusually clear air, the smallest visible furrows and folds on the surface of glaciers and snowfields.
Shot up in clouds of snow-white peaks, many of which exceed 6,000 meters above sea level The word "Alay" in jagadish-Turkish language, by definition of Professor A. A. Semenova, denotes a herd, flock, crowd, and also the regiment, formation, unit or battalion.
The translation of the word "Paradise" is so rich and luscious pastures here. And they say that "alay!" means "keep the month!", that is, hurry up, the summer months are short in this high valley!
From the South, from the Eastern Pamirs, for passing of cattle are pass Kyzylart. In spring and summer in the valley was distilled flocks of sheep, herds of cattle, thousands shoals horses.
On a huge high mountain steppes grazing up to 1 million head of cattle three republics - Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Therefore, the Alai valley, called "Valley of friendship." To pass from the Ferghana valley to Alai is only possible through the passes, trails, accessible only by the rider, or pedestrian.
Of these the most famous mountain passes: Shart-Dawan, Kalmak-Ashu, Arcat-Dawan, Koi-July, Jeep tyk, Saryk-Mogol, Cindyk, Tenghiz-Bai. The most famous pass through the Alai range - Taldyk pass 3680 meters above sea level. Through him, since 1932, is a highway Osh – Khorog.

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