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Base camp "Karkara".

Transfers from Almaty and Bishkek in base camp Karkara in natural boundary of Char-Kuduk.

Base akklimatization camp "Karkara" is located in natural boundary of Char-Kuduk zone of the Alpine wood at height of 2200 meters above sea level on left the river Karkyra. Distance from Almaty through settlement Kegen and  seasonal check point «Kegen» 280 kilometers, from the town of Bishkek through gorge Boom and the town of Cholpon-Ata which is at northern coast of lake Issyk Kul - 450 kilometers.
Distance from the town of Karakol, administrative centre Issyk-Kul of area, - 115 kilometers through settlement Tyup. Flight by the helicopter from base camp "Karkara" the shortest way to heart of Heavenly mountains under most the highest and northern seven thousand planets - Pobeda peak and peak of Khan Tengri. Here to you will offer accommodation in camp site on coast of the picturesque river Karkyra, also it is possible to give place under your tent in territory of camp.
In camp the dining room, bar, at your service Russian bath, washing house works. In territory of camp parking for the helicopter which, under the schedule, makes flights in high-altitude base camp under peaks of Khan Tengri and the Pobeda (look - dates of flights an 2015) is equipped. In vicinities of camp it is possible to make akklimatization an ascention on mountain Bass Karkara in height of 4059 meters above sea level to receive good acclimatization before visiting of base camps on glaciers Southern and Northern Inylchekа. The river Karkyra in translation from the Kirghiz language means the Crane.
On the opposite party from the location Kirghiz akklimatization camp "Karkara" for climbers there is almost thrown camp of the Kazakhstan climbers.Natural boundaries of Char-Kuudk and the river Karkara.Helicopter at the river in base camp "Karkara".Climbers in base camp "Karkara" after an ascention.Unloading of the helicopter.Unloading of the helicopter.Natural boundaries of Char-Kuudk and the river Karkara.Horses in natural boundary of Char-Kuduk.Climbers in base camp "Karkara" after an ascention.Helicopter in base camp "Karkara".Helicopter in base camp "Karkara".River Karkara.The Bath in base camp "Karkara".Campings for accommodation in base camp "Karkara".River Karkara.Helicopter in base camp "Karkara".Helicopter in vicinities of base camp "Karkara".Campings for accommodation in base camp "Karkara".Helicopter MI-8 MTV in base camp "Karkara".Horses in natural boundary of Char-Kuduk.Kind on camp "Karkara" from the north.Helicopter MI-8 MTV in base camp "Karkara".Panorama on natural boundary of Char-Kuduk.The Kind on natural boundary of Char-Kuduk

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Alexandr Petrov.

Vladimir Serbenko.