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Syr-Eli - Zhaksykylysh lake.

Automobile tours on coast of Aral sea.

«Consoles only one:
- not change,
 The Time grief,
 That happens
 I here sometime I shall return

The short description of the tour route:

Almaty - Aralsk - settlement Terenozek - settlement Zhalagash - memorial complex Korkyt-Ata - Aralsk - settlement Zhaksykylysh - settlement Zhalanash - Aralsk.

Extension of route: 445 km
Seasonallity: from May, 1st till September, 15th.
 The best time for travel: May - August.Monument to writers and poets Kyzylorda of area.3 days and 2 nights.

Detailed the program day by day:

1 Day. Almaty - Kyzylorda.
Transfer to the airport, start flight KS975, at 08.25 in Kyzylorda. Arrival in Kyzylorda, at 10.15, meeting at the airport. Transfer to hotel (17 km), accommodation. The beginning of excursion on city, visiting of regional history-study of local lore museum of city, museum has been formed in 1939. After excursion on museum - lunch at restaurant «Kyz Zhibek». After lunch continuation of excursion on city, visiting of memorial Korkyt-Ata.
Visiting of the main area of city «Tagzym», train station land side the areas and railway station on which monument Gani Muratbaev - to the public figure and the leader of youth movement of Kazakhstan is located. Visiting of the oldest monument of architecture - mosques «Aitbay», constructed in 1878 at financial support of merchant Aitbai Baltabaev. Visiting of the Piously-Kazan orthodox temple opened in 1896.
Visiting of monument Syrdarya and quay of the river Syrdarya, stela in height of 40 meters, represents the Kazakh girl dancing in the national costume. Visiting of monument devoted to Great Domestic war. A sightseeing tour on city. The termination of excursion. Dinner in local cafe. Overnight in hotel.Picture of the artist “Quay in Old Karateren”.2 Day. Kyzylorda - settlement Terenozek - settlement Zhalagash - settlement Zhosaly - complex Korkyt-Ata - Baikonur - settlement Kazalinsk (184 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Kyzylorda - settlement Akzharma - settlement Shagan - settlement Terenozek (66 km). Arrival in settlement Terenozek, visiting Syrdarya of regional study of local lore museum in settlement Terenozek. Transfer to settlement Zhalagash (30 km). Visiting Zhalagash of regional study of local lore museum, visit of an ethnographic department, collection of the ancient weapon.
Walk on the main area of settlement to monuments Bukarbai batyr and the victim in Great Domestic war. Lunch in local cafe. After lunch, transfer: settlement Zhalagash - settlement Zhosaly - an architecturally-memorial complex «Korkyt-Ata» (115 km). The complex is construction in 1980 in 17 kilometers from settlement Zhosaly and in 77 kilometers from Baikonur. Excursion on complex. Visiting of mausoleum Korkyt-Ata on coast of river Syrdarya (2 km).
Transfer: complex Korkyt-Ata - Baikonur - settlement Aiteke Bi (Kazalinsk) (156 km). Arrival in settlement Aiteke Bi, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Dinner and overnight.Train Station in Kazalinsk.3 Day. Settlement Kazalink - Aralsk (130 km).
Breakfast. Excursion on settlement, visiting of memorial museum Gani Mutratbaev (the end XIX - the beginning of XX centuries), visit of monuments to the Soviet statesmen in small park at museum, visiting of mausoleum Karasakala Erimbeta (1850 - 1911) . Visiting house Ganibay (XIX century), buildings of city library (former mosque Ganibay, XIX century), mosque Nogay (mosque Nraly, XIX centuries), building of the regional house of culture of name of Rosa Baglanova (former church, 1904).
The Sightseeing tour on settlement, visiting of the city area of settlement. Transfer to ancient settlement Zhankent (22 km). Arrival on sites of ancient settlement Zhankent (Yngikent) (XV century). Walk on site of ancient settlement Zhankent. According to medieval written sources, the city of Zhankent (Yngikent) in lower reaches of Syr-Darya was residence «Tsar Guzov». Return to Aiteke Bi (22 km).
Lunch in local café. After lunch transfer in Aralsk (130 km). Arrival in Aralsk. Accommodation in the house at countryman. The beginning of excursion on Aralsk, visiting of railway station, survey of a building of station, visit of sailing vessel and monument to victims of reprisals being on the area at railway station.
Visiting of city museum. Continuation of excursion on city: visiting of museum to fishermen, museum of the ships of the Aral flotilla open-air, the city area with monuments to khan Abulkhair, monument Zhibek and Tulegen, stella "Kazakhstan", walk on the area at office block akimat and visit of monuments - to the fisherman and horse Przhevalskii, avenues of heroes. Dinner in cafe "Chinson". Overnight on the house at countryman.Site of ancient settlement Zhankent, in 22 km. On southwest from Kazalinsk.4 Day. Aralsk - settlement Zhaksykylysh - deposit salt Zhaksykylysh - settlement Zhalanash - Aralsk (131 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Aralsk - settlement Zhaksykylysh (22 km). A trip on motor vehicles UAZ on hydrochloric deposit Zhaksykylysh (12 km), visit of place of getting of salt, returning in settlement Zhaksykylysh, excursion on factory on pre-packed and processing salts.
Transfer: settlement Zhaksykylysh - the town of Aralsk - settlement Zhalanash (85 km). Our way lays on northwest, through 5 kilometers from city asphalt, the further way up to settlement Zhalanash comes to an end, passes on grader. For 27 kilometers before settlement Zhalanash, to the left of road, picturesque precipice of natural boundary Saryshoky, northern chink Small Aral, stop on photographing are located.
Arrival in settlement Zhalanash, stop at the house at countryman, here expect us camels on whom we shall make walk to cemetery of the Lost Ships. Photographing of at countryman with flat roofs, local residents. Tea on kazakh in the house countryman at the who has prepared for us camels for walk. Walk on camels from settlement Zhalanash to Zhalanash to bay (6 km), (in 1960 - 1970 here lapped waters of Aral sea, now there was only this name).
The termination of walk on camels, walk to the ships, photographing. The ship which is near to skeleton of the big ship had the name "Baltic" for number OPA-85. Returning in settlement Zhalanash. Lunch in the house of the local resident. Returning in Aralsk (63 km). Departure from Aralsk. Extraction salt on deposit Zhaksykylysh.Distances on route «Museums Syr Eli and field salt Zhaksykylysh».

The town of Kyzylorda - settlement Terenozek - 66 km.
Settlement Terenozek - memorial complex Korkyt-ata - 115 km.
Memorial complex Korkyt-ata - settlement Aiteke Bi (Kazalinsk) - 156 km.
Settlement Aiteke-Bi (Kazalinsk) - Aralsk - 130 km.
Aralsk - settlement Zhaksykylysh - 22 km.
Settlement Zhaksykylysh - hydrochloric deposit Zhaksykylysh - 12 km
Settlement Zhaksykylysh - settlement Zhalanash - 85 km.
Settlement Zhalanash - Aralsk - 63 km.

Train schedule from station Aralsk - Almaty:

The train 24 «Aktobe - Almaty », daily, from Aralsk, at 06.24.
The train 377 « Mangyshlak - Almaty», daily, from Aralsk, at 02.35.
The train 34 «Aktobe - Almaty», daily, from Aralsk, at 08.02.
The train 41 «Atyrau - Almaty», daily, from Aralsk, at 12.35
The train 7 «Moscow - Almaty», daily, from Aralsk, at 02.22.

All trains from Aralsk to Almaty and on other directions passing.

Notes and recommendations to tour.

1. Quantity the person in group no more than 12 person.
2. The toilet in the guest house is in settlement Aralsk outside of the house. The soul in the house is not present, there is a bath in which it is possible to be washed by hot water. For a lodging for the night in the guest house to you will suggest to be placed on a floor in the house on mattresses with bed linen in a separate room. The guest house, is the house in which there live also owners of this house.

The note:
 The Program is Alexander Petrov's author's program. Copying and use of a material - from the sanction of the author

 Alexander Petrov.