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Alakol lake Kazakhstan.

Ornithological tours on lake Alakol.

«Every creature lives in a state of war by nature»

Jonathan Swift.

Trip in Kazahstan.

Alakol (348 Meters on a sea level) - endorheic the salty lake extended from northwest on a southeast. The area of water area changes from 2076 km in during the minimal downturn of a water level up to 2650 km (with islands - 2696 km) during its maximal filling.
Length of lake of 104 km, the maximal width - 52 km (average of 25,5 km), length of a coastal line - 384 km, the maximal depth - 54 m (average 21). The volume of water weight makes 58,56 billion куб.м, average amplitude of fluctuations of a water level - 82 see the Area of a reservoir - 47859 km.
The transparency of water changes from 0,6 - 0,8 m in shallow and up to 6 m in the central part of a reservoir. In the central part of lake 3 stony islands - Ulken Araltobe (24 km), Average (0,7 km) and Kishkene Araltobe (2 km), in the western part - group sands islands Chubar-Tyubek are located.
In northern part there is a significant island Piski which length in 1962 made 10.5 km and width of 2.5 km. It is removed from settlement Fishing on 8 kilometers and is in 20.5 kilometers from island Ulken-Araltobe.
The island has steep coast, gulfs with a reed, its surface is covered by a sedge and cereal vegetation. On him many nest sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos), the seagull and tern (Sterna). By Local population it is used for graze horses.
Between island Piski and a mouth of the river Katynsu during 10 kilometers there is a set of sandy islands, is dense underbrush a reed, and also the extensive reed files flooded by water and forming similarity of delta.
In these places in set nest and river ducks fade, there are swans, grey and greater white herons, larine birds and river larine birds. Between the rivers Urdzhar and Katynsu in 15 - 17 kilometers from lake behind a strip of clay plain there is sandy file Biikum in width of 19 kilometers.
Between the rivers Katynsu and Emel sand Bairkum which reach northeast coast of Alakol reach and form among water sandy islands. At the western coast of Alakol 2 waterways run into lake May (length of 50 kilometers) and May-unsociable person (25 kilometers).
Width of waterways up to 15 meters, depth up to 2 meters. Waterway have been laid from the river Tentek in the middle of 70th years during intensive development of irrigation agriculture and cultivation of a beet, corn and vegetable cultures at southwest coast of lake.

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Berezovikov Nikolay Nikolaevich, Cand.Biol.Sci.

Alexander Petrov