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Alakol Natural reserve.

Sights Alakol reserve.

«Nature does nothing without purpose or uselessly»


Tours Alakol Natural reserve.

Alakol: A chain of lakes not far from the Chinese border, consisting of two large salt lakes and a reed-covered moist biotope in the Tentek delta on the freshwater lake Sasykkol. The plan is to combine nature protection with limited human use in Kazakhstan state national parks, entry fees being used for conservation purposes.
The Alakol reserve was opened April 5,1998 and occupies the area of 28,423 thousand ha. The reserve territory includes the Alakol Lakes marsh lands, the Sasykkol water area, Araltobe and Shubartubek Islands.
Over 200 kinds of birds, including a relic seagull inhabit the reserve. The ornithological tours are of special interest, during which one can see the rare and endangered water-fowl, desert and mountain birds, such as seagulls, bustard-pretty (Jack), bustard-duadak, curly pelicans, pink pelicans and warblers.
Ecological Tourism in the Alakol Reserve Tours throughout the reserve are intended for ornithologists, zoologists, ecologists, botanists and nature enthusiasts. While staying, the tourists can get acquainted with the main sights of the Alakol Basin, have a rest and bathe in one of the purest lakes of the world, i.e.
Alakol, and also get acquainted with wonderful and mysterious world of birds: A trip to the Tentek River delta by motor vehicle; excursion to the Karamoiyn Lakes by boat and view the water-fowl and water-birds: a warbler, white-eyed pochard, swans, and others.
A drive along the Sasykkol Lake amongst the habitat of the bustard-duadak, bustard-pretty, grey crane and crane-pretty; A water route to the Araltobe Islands; acquaintance with colonies of a relic seagull, blackhead laugher and other rare birds.
Observation of the curly and pink pelican, blackhead laugher, large cormorant and chegrava colonies.
The Trip to a Desert around Alakol reserve.
Duration: 2 days.
The 1st day - Travel from Usharal up to Arkharly village by vehicle, further through the Sarykum sands up to Arganaty. Become acquainted with the desert flora and fauna. Spend a night in the picturesque gorge at a spring.
The 2nd day - Continuation of the vehicular route in the desert Arganaty Mountains, a visit to a relict turang grove, barkhans, haloxylon forests, look out for arkhars, saigaks, snake-poisons, falcon - balobans and other interesting animals. Back to Usharal village.

Lake Alakol.Birds on lake AlakolSwans on lake Alakol.Lake Alakol.Birds on lake Alakol.Swans on lake Alakol.Birds on lake Alakol.

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Alexander Petrov.