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Alaman baiga.

 Phototours horse competitions in Kazakhstan.

Alaman baige - a horse-race at long and great distances (25, 50, 100 km) is one of the ancient kinds of contests. "Alaman- baiga" certainly entered programs of large people solemnities and especially one year funeral repasts (as).
Horserace for long and overlong distances is carried out on the cross-country with various natural obstacles. The winner is not a man having quick horse, but a man, who can carry out correct competition, quickly estimate situation, prepare horse for horserace and allocate its power on the distance.
Usually horse-races were held in the steppe in a straight line abounding in natural obstacles without limiting quantities of horses and also their breeds. Tradi­tionally the riders' costume was a shirt of white colour and a red kerchief tied on the head.
As a rule as prizes were presented dif­ferent expensive fabrics, materials, yurtas, cattle or money sum. Alaman-baiga is one of the most difficult and exhausting kinds of horse-races.Preparation to horse race. Preparation to horse race. Preparation to horse race. Horse race. Preparation to horse race. Spectators.Horse race.Horses.Horse race.Spectators.Horse race.

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Alexandr Petrov.