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Cultural entertainment center Alem (туркм. "Alem" medeni dynç aly ş merkezi) is located in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan). The general height of the center makes 95 meters. The big wheel of the closed type established in the center, with a diameter of external circle of 57 meters, is the biggest in the world.
Construction works began in 2010. Construction was carried out by the Turkish company "Polimeks". On May 18, 2012 with the assistance of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the ceremony of official opening of cultural entertainment center Alem was held.
Opposite to the center the Main New Year tree of the country annually is established. The general height of a construction - 95 meters with a spike, represents a step pyramid on which the big wheel with a diameter of external circle of 57 meters towers.
This largest big wheel of the closed type in the world, is included in the Guinness Book of Records. In total in the building of the center of 6 levels, on 7 meters of each, including 2 underground.
The total area of the center - about 26 thousand square meters. On socle the floor of the center is located "The space museum". In the museum models of the spaceship and solar system are presented.
Visitors can make a virtual trip by the spaceship on Universe open spaces, "walk" on the surface of the Moon or any other planet. On monitors of the museum characteristics of planets of Solar system and their satellites are displayed.
The big wheel established over restaurant of the Alem center is calculated on 24 six-seater cabins. The steel structure of a big wheel is issued in the form of a star to Oguz-khan and openwork jewelry in the form of national gels, reminds the dial of the sundial topped with a 17-meter spike.
The special equipment supports an optimum microclimate in cabins. Observation decks are equipped also on pyramid basis terraces which is in turn located on a granite step platform of all construction.
In the capital of Turkmenistan the big wheel which was included in the Guinness Book of Records at once opened. It was recognized as the biggest big wheel in the world in the closed construction.
The attraction was solemnly open in the capital center of culture and rest by Al during the celebration of the Constitution day. Height of a wheel makes 47,6 meters. 24 cabins for passengers rotate in a huge round framework from the glass and steel decorated with a huge eight-pointed star.
According to informal data, the cost of the Ashgabat center of rest made about 90 million dollars. Turkmenistan was included more than once into the Guinness Book of Records. Last year the eight-pointed star Oguzkhan who frames with herself a new Ashgabat television tower got there.
It was recognized "the biggest in the world the architectural image of a star". 

On materials of information department of the State committee of Turkmenistan on tourism and sport.