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Alla-Kuli-khan caravan-serai.

Architectural monuments of Khiva.

“Everything will be as your heart wants.
About reward and salary will be given an order.
I understand what you said about grain and clothes
Your camp clothing will decorate, and the grain will fill your house. ”

Zahir ad-Din Mohammed Babur. "Babur-Name".

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In 1806 to gate Palvab Darvaza the long gallery with the trading premises blocked by domes has been attached. This gate had the most brisk street, at Alla-Kuli-khan (1825 - 1842) the trading life of city has been concentrated. In XIX century with expansion of economic relations with Bukhara, Persia and Russia Khiva needed the new trading areas.
So, in 1832 - 1833 under the order of Alla-Kuli-khan the huge caravan-serai here has been constructed, for this purpose it was necessary to break a wall Ichang-Kaly at palace Tash Khauli.
The caravan-serai intended for accommodation of merchants, storage of the goods and trade. He consists of the big court yard and two-storeyed construction lhudjr. The building a caravan-serai has the form of the rectangular extended from the south on the north.
The caravan-serai is constructed as madrasah and has 105 rooms. Living rooms settled down on the second floor, and warehouses and trading counters - on the first. It is the unique saved caravan-serai of Khoresm.
Caravan-serai Alla-Kuli-khan on architecture is rather similar on typical madrasah. In him the central pass is connected directly with a court yard. Around of a court yard are placed in two floors khudjr: bottom are intended for storage of the goods, top - for habitation.
Before a caravan-serai along a facade the covered market - тим is located. The big court yard is surrounded by a two-storeyed building. The sizes of a construction 69 x 58 meters, 46.3 x 42.4 meters.
Thus, on one place trade, storage of the goods and hotel for merchants have been concentrated. Tim and a caravan-seari of steel one of the brisk places in the neighbourhood with the city market.

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