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Gardens Dishan-Kala.

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"Where the palace stood in the distant years
And she spent the days of the sultans of the series
am now the turtle-dove sits among the ruins
And crying mournfully: "Where, where, where?" "

Omar Khayyam.

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Garden Rafanek in Dishan-Kala in Khiva consists of several separate court yard with high pise-walled walls, a reception, a court yard of rest, a harem and the other services located among garden plantings.
In gardens different grades of grapes, apples, pears, plums, a fig, pomegranates, peaches and other have been collected. The garden shared on man's and female half, and both in that, and in another were khauz on which coast settled down bower and terraces-aivans.
Coast khauzs, court yard, all road up to it from city of Khiva have been surrounded shady gudzhums (an elm of the spherical form). About these gardens gardens of successors of a throne and various officials ханства settled down also.
Similar gardens of the Khivan feudal nobility were in all nearest vicinities of city. Gardens have planted at Alla-Kuli-khan. Their quantity and the sizes of gardens grew prior to the beginning of the civil wars which have captured Khivan khanate when the armed attacks iomud mukhurdarov to Khiva have sown everywhere a robbery and threat of death.
In conditions of such restless conditions not only intensive growth of country gardens has stopped, but they have started to perish and collapse.
In the beginning of XX century garden Nurullbai has taken the central place in a is administrative-political life of city. In him there were sofas, security branch and a harem of Isfendiyar-khan.
 In area of the same garden, behind wall Dishan-Kala, the center of a new cultural life has started to arise. On a way to the New Urgench which has grown by this time in the commercial and industrial center of the country, there was a hospital, a drugstore, mail and telegraph.
The victorious course of Great October revolution dared authority of Khivan khans and has destroyed medieval feudalism.

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