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Aral-Asar ancient settlement.

Ancient sites of ancient settlement East Aral sea.

In 2004 have found and have opened settlement Aral-Asar - «Aral a trace». Site of ancient settlement Aral-Asar, is in 65 kilometers from the settlement Karateren located in 370 kilometers to northwest from Kyzylorda. This settlement stood on coast Arala earlier, now the sea is has left from it on 120 km. 
Here economic things have been found out: 14 mill millstones, ceramic vessels, fragments of iron and bronze products which concern to the end XIII - XIV centuries or to the beginning of XV century. 
People of this city grew up rice with its processing in a flour. Volumes of manufacture were greater, rice fields borrowed the most part of a site of ancient settlement. Here there were found huge premises for rice - khumdany.
There is a question why the city has left under water where each drop of water it is very necessary? «Aral sea" - the unique pool named by the sea though from different directions it is surrounded by deserts and has no communication with ocean. Existence of such pool Aral depends on volume of the large rivers of Central Asia running into it - Amu Darya and Syr-Darya. In beginning I of a millenium B.C.
Amu Darya and Syr-Darya filled the Aral hollow, and the sea has reached a maximum level. However during other historical periods Amu Darya some times turned the waters on the West, in Sarykamysh a hollow and waters in Aral are not present. So was and in the middle of the first millenium of our era - in IV - VI centuries when the sea level has decreased. Next time change of its current, has occured after capture of Khoresm by Timur which armies have completely destroyed system of channels.
As a result Aral sea is again has left the coast. Also there was it in the end of XIV century. Then has arisen Artal-Asar. On the naked day began to build houses, the city grew and developed. But water has again filled a hollow, having flooded all constructed by people. Water has come quickly, and time has sufficed inhabitants to collect necessary things and to leave the houses. They did not think, that the sea will return so quickly. How many still the sunk cities hides Aral, it is not known.
But cities are, archeologists know it. They flied by the plane and photographing has shown, that at the bottom of the sea on many kilometers former plantations of fields with the developed irrigational systems last, means, that nearby there were whole settlements.Aral-Asar site of ancient settlement.Aral-Asar site of ancient settlement.Aral-Asar site of ancient settlement.Aral-Asar site of ancient settlement.Aral-Asar site of ancient settlement.

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Alexander Petrov.