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Araly mountains massif.

Traveling in the Karaganda region.

“How not to believe us in the mercy of nature-creator.
If in the world of spring bounty endlessly,
If our cattle are fat, if there is plenty of food,
If human hearts beat joyfully?”

Abay Kunanbayev. "Spring". Translation by L. Shubin.

Rest in the Karaganda region.

The Araly Mountains are located in the east of Saryarka on the border of the Karaganda and East Kazakhstan regions. It consists of two mountain ranges: in the west is the ridge of Zhaksy Abraly, with a length of 20 kilometers and a ridge width of 10 kilometers and a maximum height of 1300 meters above sea level.
In the east, there is the Zhaman Abraly ridge, with a length of 20 kilometers and a width of 6 kilometers with a maximum height of 1111 meters above sea level. Between these mountain ranges is the valley of the Karasu River.
The Araly Mountains are composed of Devonian and Silurian rocks. The climate is continental. The average January temperature is 15 - 16 degrees C, July 10 degrees C. The annual rainfall is 350 - 400 mm. Soils are mountain meadow podzolic.
Mountain-steppe plants (fescue, caragana, wormwood) currant, birch, and pine grow on the slopes. The animal world is represented by Arkharas, wolves, foxes, hares. The slopes of the mountains are used as pasture and hayfields.

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