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Arboretum park Kokshetau.

Walks in the Kokshetau park.

“The lakes of Mount Kokshetau
were surrounded by a crowd,

And each - more often lies golden.
If you are not healthy, come here:
Ailment heals our air of the steppe"

S. Seyfullin. The poem "Kokshetau".

A trip to the Kokshetau park.

The arboretum of the Aiyrtau District Branch of the Kokshetau State National Park was opened in 1904. Located on the northwest corner of the 55th quarter of Sarymbet - Tyuktinsky forestry. In the southwestern part of the arboretum there is a fruit garden planting 1962 - 1963.
The total area of ​​the arboretum is 28.9 ha. On the east side, the village of Aiyrtau forestry adjoins the arboretum. Here, observations are made of the stands of the arboretum, which has a 100-year history. An arboretum was established on the basis of a birch forest of natural origin by maintaining various woody shrub trees.
The first tree plantings were carried out in 1904 - 1905. Currently, more than 30 species of woody shrub species melt in the arboretum, including: pine, spruce, larch, birch, pine, linden, poplar, Tatar maple, Norway maple, willow, elm, apple tree and other species, grows in a single specimen fir.
Shrubs represented: yellow acacia, lilac, honeysuckle, raspberries, currants and golden, elderberry, buckthorn, rosehip and other species.

Advertising booklet of the Kokshetau National Park.