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Aiyrtauchik lake.

Tours on the lakes of Kokshetau park.

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Lakes of Kokshetau National Park.

Aiyrtauchik lake is located in the forest near, between Shalkar lake in the north and the Two Brothers nature monument located in the south. The lake is located in the Ayrtausky district of the North Kazakhstan region in the territory of the Kokshetau National Park.
The length of the lake is 888 meters, the greatest width is 1 kilometer 34 meters, the lake has an almost rounded shape. The northeast coast has sandy beaches. The surface area of ​​the lake is about 70 hectares. There are fish in the lake: crucian carp, tench.
Today, 4 children's recreation centers Sokol, Saltanat, Seagull, Zarya have been built and operate here.

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