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Ata-darvaza gate in Khiva.

Walks on Ichan-Kala.

"You hire a nuker for the purpose
So that his weapon was with you, protecting your soul.
Not so that the Bek went, but the nuker stood,
That the nuker rested, and the Bek suffered.

Zahir ad-Din Mohammed Babur. "Babur-Nama".

Drive from Khiva to Nukus.

The  gate  is  situated  in  the  western  part  of  Ichan  Kala, and  it  is  the  main  gate. When  enter  the  market , located  13  trade  sectors  and  high  square. In  the  right  side  of  it , situated Mukhammad  Aminkhan  Madrasah (in  1855)  in  the  left  side. Ark  (Old  Ark).
Inside  of  gate  has  customers  area  and  sarrof xona. To  the  bricks  row  put  wood  and  cupolas  weight  divided  into  arches. Small  cupolas  built  as  a  “balhi”  style. 
The  gates  height  10  meter  and  breadth  4  meter, and  its  4  main  rooms  fall down at the beginning of XX century and reconstructed it real appearance in 1975. 
The  wings  of  the  gate  decorated  with  bloom  patterns  and  geometrical  shapes.
At  the  same  place  of  both , in  the  same  size  drawn  round  shape  inside  of  it, in  the  central  part  of  it  had eight  corner  start. And  inside  of  this  round  shapes  have  written  Islamic  words. (“Qul huvvallohu  akhad. Allohus  somad.
Lam yalid  valam  yulad. Valam ya kunlahu kufuvan akhad”), on  the  left  side  (“La ilakha illalokhu  Muhammadur  Rasulullokh”)  was  written. The gateways fixed in 1850-1851 years of Mukhammad Aminkhon’s  house whichnear of the Khiva city Angarik village. It has 2 photo documents, which is proved to fix.
Mukhammad Aminxon’s house. It has being saved Country of Khiva’s museum’s at guardroom. Nowadays  gate  is  serving  to  enter  the  city  such  as  main  gate  Sarrofxona – a  place  where  money  exchange  of  XIX  century. 

Ata-darvaza gate in Khiva.Ata-darvaza gate in Khiva.Ata-darvaza gate in Khiva.Ata-darvaza gate in Khiva.Ata-darvaza gate in Khiva.Ata-darvaza gate in Khiva.


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