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Akshih-Bobo a bastion.

Islamic tour over religious monuments of Khiva.

Bastion Akshih-Bobo is above ancient citadel Kunya-Ark, in the city of Khiva. On a pise-walled fortification which is strengthened tower, the two-story terrace - aivan, known under poetic name «Akshih-Bobob» that means «enamoured ancient» or «Akshih-Bobob» - «the white sheikh» towers.
That has formed a basis for the name of a bastion - it is not known. The bastion from which the beautiful kind on city opens, superb carried out the functions. The enemy did not have an opportunity to approach to its walls not noticed.
And it is valid, it is a fine observation post: all Khiva appears at a look, as from present east fairy tale. The sky is pierced with chains of minarets, above flat roofs of houses domes of the mausoleums and mosques tower.
Among labyrinthes street are visible khans palaces which are surrounded by court yard with elegant terraces. Close there is the palace of Kurnysh-khan built in 1806, he was a place of formal receptions of visitors of city.
In the center of a palace of Kurnysh-khan a rich courtyard with mosaic panels and columns. Traditional east architecture and furniture of the numerous palace premises decorated by a magnificent majolica, involve here tourists from all light.

«Khiva city and legends» the tourist guidebook across Khiva”.