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Atadjan-Tura mosque-madrasah.

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"Stop praying, bring us the praying mantis,
We divide our good glory on the floor.
All the same, you will not grab the fate of the hem -
Grab though the beauty of the hem "

Omar Khayyam.

Tours from Almaty to Khorezm.

Mosque and madrasah Atadjan-Tura have been constructed in 1893 - 1899. Younger brother Said Muhammada, it is located in Khivan area of the Khorezm area. Rakhim-khan II (Feruz) - Atadjan-Tura which has been temporarily proclaimed by khan during Russian standoff cities.
 On June, 1st, 1873 Atadjan-Tura, under the request of Turkestan Kaufman first the general-governor, has written the letter to lawful khan Said Muhammadu Rahimu with the request to return to Khiva.
On August, 12th, 1873 Khivan khanate and Russia have signed Gandimyan the contract. The complex consists of a years and winter mosque, madrasah, schools, baths, etc. Today all complex is completely restored, the center of a folk art here is placed.

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